Only With Your Heart Chapter 37

Love’s Fools Festive 4.5


Lukrov pulled Chizuru’s hand and entered the lively festival commotion; many merchants, tradesmen, and knights greeted him respectfully. Lukrov gave a short but polite greeting to each person, demonstrating splendid lordship.

Lukrov’s hand was always touching somewhere on Chizuru’s body throughout the greetings, and it was ticklish. His hands were casually circled around her waist … When he had to listen to the merchant’s stories, he sometimes got bored with it, and his fingertips would start playing with Chizuru’s hair.

Chizuru noticed that the skinship sometimes became bolder, mostly when the other person was a young man, and wanted to reassure him, so she secretly whispered when they were alone in a place with few people,”even if you don’t do that, it’s okay because no one here is better than Lukrov.”

Lukrov [slightly] raised his masculine eyebrows, showing he couldn’t totally agree with Chizuru’s words
“Many young people.”


“… I’m a little too old for you.”

Lukrov, who answered with a sigh, was vaguely looking at the middle of the night sky and the bonfire.

Chizuru suddenly realized one part of Lukrov’s misery and was surprised.

The sight of the former hero, illuminated by the shimmering bonfire flames, is not that of a fearless young man only 22 years of age, but that of an adult man who knows everything about his life. The age-appropriate, shallow wrinkles were engraved on the outer corners of his eyes, and his hair was beginning to be mixed with a slight amount of white.

However, Chizuru is indeed almost the same as that time.

‘Because I spent a year in a different world the summer of my third year of high school, I could say that I’m 20 years old physically, but I was only 19 years old in the Japanese family register. It means that there is a difference of 16 to 17 years from Lukrov. Perhaps such an age difference is considered a relationship between parent and child in this world’

Of course, she had already noticed such a thing, but Chizuru didn’t care.

But … for Lukrov, that may not have been the case.

Especially on such a night.

That young knight, Baru, was probably about 22 years old, about the same age as Lukrov, when he fell in love with Chizuru.

Lukrov is healthy, strong, has a strong temper, and is always full of power that surpasses others. So, many aspects aren’t easy to notice.

There are many delicate parts in his heart. And every time Chizuru finds such a soft and beautiful scale, she falls in love with this complicated man even more deeply. It was still the same.


Chizuru stretched up and placed a gentle kiss on Lukrov’s cheek, who was still looking at the flames. Lukrov took a little peek, he didn’t even move his neck, but his gaze gently lowered and looked at Chizuru.

A slight curiosity was dancing in his jet-black eyes.

“Even if Lukrov is a fifty-year-old uncle, I will be chasing you in the same way I always have.”

Lukrov raised the edge of his mouth with slight self-deprecation.
“I wonder.”

“I wish I had come back to you sooner … but that’s because I would be able to love you longer, regardless of age.”

And maybe Zain and Edina would also be alive.

Such words were on the verge of being carelessly spoken, but were swallowed instead


She doesn’t need to say it, both of them are so aware it hurts.


Lukrov turned his gaze back to the bonfire and stared at the flames that illuminated in the darkness for a while.

If she was able to take a look into his heart, what kind of emotions would be swirling within?

Is it fierce like a raging stormy sea, or is it still like a cold water surface in the darkness of despair?

Either way, Chizuru wanted to comfort the him who was standing there alone by standing there next to him.

‘I want to think that I still have the right to do so.’

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