Only With Your Heart Chapter 38

Your Position (1)

“Did you buy anything?”

Suddenly, Lukrov asked.

her thought were interrupted, Chizuru blinked her eyes.

“Yeah … I heard from Arde that you said I could buy as much as I wanted… I’m sorry, was that okay?”

When Chizuru narrowed her shoulders and looked up at Lukrov’s reaction, he looked straight to Chizuru.

“You can buy as much as you want. There are vendors in the area around here who don’t come every day. Get as many dresses, shoes and jewelry as you like.”

“Hmm …”

“have you bought anything?”

“Well, I did shop, I bought food though.”


Lukrov frowned mysteriously and unpleasantly as if Chizuru had confessed that she had bitten his child three times.

‘For some reason, I suddenly feel like I’ve done something wrong’

Because there are so many foods that are provided free of charge, do you mean that you should not buy them one by one?

“I’m sorry … I just bought little candies … I wonder if it was expensive.”

The wrinkles between Lukrov’s eyebrows became deeper, and it seemed that things were a big problem.

‘I felt by instinct and experience that I would soon be scolded by him-because of the candy’

Chizuru felt like crying.

Sure enough, Lukrov’s low-pitched voice approached Chizuru’s ear and whispered softly.

“Chizuru, you don’t know your position.”

“I’m sorry …”

Chizuru apologized while making it as small as possible.

Of course, Lukrov wouldn’t forgive her for that. He took Chizuru’s hand and quickly carried it to his mouth, kissing it with a squeak.

── Kiss?

“Um … Lukrov?”

Lukrov repeated slowly, separating words one by one.

“You don’t know your position. There are many merchants and craftsmen who would be disappointed and cry if you didn’t buy anything. I’m the lord of this castle and you are my… ”

He stopped talking for some reason

She is ..?


Lukrov …?

Chizuru was blinking her eyes again due to the unexpected development.

Chizuru waited for the continuation, but Lukrov did not open his mouth easily. He himself had a confused look that felt like he didn’t know what he was saying.


Lukrov cleared his throat.

“You won’t in a good position if you only bought ten candies and ended with that. Come and choose something quickly, Prove that I’m not that kind of a man.”

“What? Yes”

Chizuru was pulled out and nodded, not because she understood the meaning of his words, but because it was not a very arguable atmosphere.

Lukrov took Chizuru back to the center of the training ground where tents are gathered. Many people looked back at them, their faces are shining red due to the effect of the wine, and greeted them warmly.

Then, in front of the group of tents put out by the merchant, Lukrov suddenly stopped and looked back at Chizuru.

“By the way, why did you need to buy ten?”

“that was…”

When she explained that it was given to the children, Lukrov made a face as if he giving up and hit Chizuru’s forehead with his index finger.

He may have been going easy with the hit, but it hurts as much as it would if received from a warrior who has been trained in battle. When Chizuru sharpened her lips as if she was upset, Lukrov eyes blinked happily and smiled although it was only a moment … she was able to see the glimmer in he’s eyes for a moment.

‘I felt like he smiled.’


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