Only With Your Heart Chapter 39

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Your position (2)

The first person to call out was a merchant with a tent lined with colorful fabrics.

As Lukrov and Chizuru approach, the merchant showed a gentle and warm smile while he thought that one of the Seven God’s of Luck has smiled upon him, and proudly begin to introduce his products. Beautiful cloths of various colors and weaves were wrapped like cloth and displayed neatly.

“How about a color like this for the beautiful lady? With your hair color it will look great.”

This fabric shop owner doesn’t seem to be a local, and didn’t know anything about Chizuru.

However, since she is the woman accompanied by the castle owner who invited him, he must treat her with respect, but he didn’t put any personal feeling within his greeting and didn’t eye her for too long, keeping constant eye contact with the lord

There were some beautiful cloths that caught her eye, but she refrained from saying so, but chose one of the cheapest ones and asked Lukrov for his opinion.

Lukrov stared at Chizuru and the cloth.

“If you want, buy it too”

It was a calm tone, but not a happy one.

“But you look good in a brighter color. Hey, shop keeper, spread the piece behind you”

Lukrov chose two types of cloth that she originally wanted, but couldn’t say because it looked expensive.

One is a calm crimson color, and the other is a cream-colored fabric that is close to beige, with a flower pattern drawn with gold embroidery. Both are bright colors, but they look like elegant items that are reminiscent of Japanese dyeing.

“It’s a wonderful aesthetic eye. I thought it would look good, especially on the lady.”

The merchant smiles satisfactorily, spreading the crimson cloth wide.

Chizuru, who is still ignorant of the prices here, felt that this was a very expensive purchase. It doesn’t come with a price tag, and it was displayed on a top shelf higher than other fabrics.

Seeing Chizuru in confusion, the merchant pulled out the cloth and matched it to Chizuru’s collar to check the color.

Knowing the one that will pay, the merchant gives a meaningful look to Lukrov instead of Chizuru, and asked him with a confident and cheerful tone, “How about it my lord?”

Lukrov is also oddly satisfied.

“Let’s get it. And this and this too.”

Point your finger at it and select a total of about five pieces of fabric

The merchant was graciously following Lukrov’s instructions, like a hungry dog, with a drooling smile.

“Then, should I deliver this to the castle tomorrow?”

“yeah, tell the account manager of the castle. You should get the fee from him.”


The merchant salutes Lukrov, respectfully while taking off his feathered hat.

Then turn to Chizuru and smiled brightly at her again.

“Lady, you’re really lucky. No, your husband is the lucky one, isn’t he? Because he got such a beautiful woman. Hahahaha.”

Chizuru turned bright red

‘I was praised that I was beautiful. Is it the fact the he was buying a number of expensive items? And the “husband” thing’

Lukrov didn’t even bother to deny it.

Next, they went around several tents of local craftsmen who handle pottery, silverware, and glass crafts, and bought some products in their way.

According to Lukrov’s explanation, these purchases lead to local prosperity, and the decorations that decorate the castle are a kind of investment property of Lukrov, so it is even Chizuru’s duty to feel free to choose what she thinks fit.

‘When I was told that it wasn’t for me, but for decorating Lukrov’s castle, my view changed, and I was willing to go with some silver tableware, wooden trays with elaborate work, and gorgeously colored, also, I chose a pottery vase.’

Sure, Chizuru wasn’t a spender, but she wasn’t too strict with buying new things.

No matter how much the times and positions changed, shopping was fun as it was. And above all, Lukrov is next to her now. she was completely enjoying this situation where it would not be strange to think that it was like a date.

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