Only With Your Heart Chapter 40

Don’t let go (1)

Lukrov kept staring at Chizuru with a gentle eye, if she screams at savage leather products that make her excited, or making a fuss about rare accessories or a coat of pig skin with a head on it.

It can be said that she felt his stares

Such a relaxing and ecstatic light that dwelled in his eyes.

However, such a calm and peaceful time ended when he found a large crowd in the corner of the training ground.

It was almost midnight, but it seems like there is a lot of noise.

Most of the people gathered in the crowd were men, but some of them were girls and children, all of whom were similarly excited and screaming in a disturbing manner.

“Still, do it! “

“Arms, take his arms!”

“Damn, I was betting on the blonde!”

“I can’t forgive you, do more!”

Chizuru was surprised and took a step back. Lukrov frowns as if angry while holding her shoulders.

“What …?”

Chizuru looked up at Lukrov and saw a wrinkle is clearly engraved between Lukrov’s eyebrows.

“It’s a betting fight … Roan likes them. I told him not to do so much of it.”

Chizuru was a little convinced when she heard that there was a fight, Whether the majority of the crowd are males, or the excited and rough heckler, it’s just like a boxing match in her world.

‘I can imagine that the Roan may be the initiator. If Lukrov says, “Don’t do it,” the red-haired knight would want to do it more.’

“Damn, that stupid thing. I just have to check if they were using swords or not.”

Lukrov grunted and turned to a pondering face looking down at Chizuru. “… Never leave me. See they are all a bunch of excited cats?”


“Make sure you Don’t let go of my hand”

Lukrov reminded here once more.

There is no reason for Chizuru to refuse. she grabbed Lukrov’s hand and began to snuggle up into his arm.

Maybe some people got excited and spill out the content of their cups. Not only wine, but the smell of alcohol, which seems to be stronger, is spilling over from all around, and Chizuru, who is weak against alcohol, is likely to get drunk just by the smell.

When they reached the inside of the large circular fence, as Lukrov said, a knight and a young man who seemed to be a knight as well were wrestling with each other.

Both are barefoot, dressed only in trousers and covered with dust.

The audiences surrounded them, screaming one after another, glaring as if they were the one fighting.

For the time being, the knights were all naked except for their pants, and they didn’t wear any armor, let alone weapons. Hitting each other, grabbing the other hips like sumo wrestling, it feels even more painful than a sword fight.

When Chizuru looked away from the game, there was Roan sitting in a chair and looking at them in the most prominent part of the crowd’s circle. His brown eyes happily capture Lukrov and Chizuru.

“That b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲”

Lukrov’s finger holding Chizuru’s hand trembles as if he would strangle Roan at any moment.

Chizuru looked up at the night sky with a feeling similar to giving up, thinking that the situation is going on a bad route

The starry sky was shining innocently, as if ridiculing Chizuru’s worries.

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