Only With Your Heart Chapter 41

Don’t let go (2)

Looking at the circle of excited cats, one of the two young knights wrestling in the middle of the crowd was thrown to the ground and let out a muffled growl, then stretched out over the ground with both hands wide open and surrendered.

When a slender man with a beard, who seems to be a judge, took one hand of the remaining knight and raised it high and declared a victory in a loud voice, the crowd burst into the air. Some were strumming something like a drum.

Chizuru was surprised and let out a long breathe when the bonfire lit up the winner behind the people started to show up better

Isn’t it the young knight, Baru?

he was naked with nothing other than his pants and was completely covered with sand and dust, and some other unidentified dirt, so she didn’t notice immediately, but that is definitely him.

Although he seems to have won the game, he made a difficult face far from joy and has his hand raised by the judge.

Baru didn’t seem to be aware of Lukrov and Chizuru yet, but of course, Lukrov seemed to be aware of Baru even before Chizuru noticed. His grip to Chizuru’s hand suddenly became stronger.

Lukrov pulled Chizuru’s hand as it was, and started walking toward Roan.

“Oh, it’s the Duke Lukrov and his (guest) I’m in a good mood. It’s a happy night for the festival.”

Lukrov gazed heavily into Roan, who was placing his arm in front of him while resting on a chair while placing the other on his chin, and gave a deliberate and polite greeting.

“What are you doing here?”

If the other party wasn’t Roan, they will be trembling by now

However, the other party was Roan.

“If you’re talking about this fight, I want you to know that I wasn’t the one who started it.”

Roan shrugs it off

“I found one of my knights and yours on the verge of pulling out their swords and starting a fight. Well, it’s difficult for an old man like me to calm hot blooded young man. Rather than fighting for a sword, I proposed a game with bare hands. Then, the audience gathered and starter placing bets without permission … ”


Certainly, the night is getting deeper, and wine is beginning to turn thick in people’s blood.

The scenario that Roan said seems realistic. But whatever the motive, Roan would undoubtedly take advantage of the situation and use his strong speech and presence to drive the flow as he wished.

“Stop it now. I don’t like this kind of chaos.”

“Yes, yes … but they’re all excited, and even if they disband now, the chaos may just spread.”

Roan stood up on purpose with a heavy waist was shown with both hands wide open.

“Finally, if there is a match that will bring out a big game for the finale that the audience will be satisfied with, everyone will be satisfied and will be able to stop it smoothly. Isn’t it?”

Roan had a meaningful grin, and when he muttered “for example,” he shook his chin toward the back of Chizuru and his friends.

Baru, who had finished the game, was slowly walking toward us while scraping off the dirt that had stuck to his body with his hands.

Although it is not large, he has a well-balanced body with wide shoulders, a solid steel-like upper body, and muscles that are probably the result of daily training. Baru suddenly raised his face, and when he noticed Chizuru’s existence, he stopped.

Baru’s eyes were opened in amazement and stared at Chizuru.

It was a hot gaze that made Chizuru a bit uncomfortable.

“What will happen next! Isn’t there a next match!”

“It’s a rematch! It’s a rematch! The night has just begun!”

One of the people of the crowed who was excited, shouted an encore and swelled hotly. Nevertheless, if Lukrov shouted, the audience, who were just drunk and lively with alcohol and festivals, would have dissipated as if to scatter like spider web.

However, Baru stared at Chizuru.

His gaze was long and deep

Lukrov naturally notices it.

People want a rematch.

And they were both knights and men.


The events that were to come seemed predictable

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