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Only With Your Heart Chapter 42

A fight between men (1)

“Duke Lukrov”
Baru came to the front of Lukrov and bowed his head.
However, Chizuru somehow understands what kind of flow things are going on. Lukrov looks at the young knight with his chilly, jet-black eyes, not because he is calm, but only to control his magma-like sizzling passion.
Roan began his speech with the smoothness of a poet singing and talking, with the two men facing each other silently.
“Before the holy match, status doesn’t matter. Men throw away their status and courtesy and shed blood for the holy maiden …”

Chizuru was angry and screamed, but it didn’t seem to be heard by the audience, and above all, by the ears of Lukrov and Baru.

A big cheer came out from the audience
Lukrov’s released Chizuru’s hand.

“Now, this is the last match! The legendary knight who was once known as the hero of the country and the youngest young knight in my territory will fight for a beautiful black-haired maiden!”

When Roan gave an exaggerated speech, people’s excitement would have reached its climax.
The sound of drums started to get louder, and some people threw silver coin in the center of the circle, perhaps because they intended to support the match.
Even so, Baru was not the one who would get swept away with the hype, but also took proper steps like a knight.
“… Would you help me, Duke Lukrov?”
Lukrov didn’t answer, just stepped forward and took off the tunic with the luxurious embroidery that should show his height.
A servant appeared from somewhere in a heartbeat and quickly took off Lukrov’s shoes.
“Good luck”
Lukrov replied shortly after he was dressed only in pants, the same as Baru. The cheers that seemed to have already reached the climax become even higher.

Chizuru had no choice but to stand stunned after losing his words.
What do you mean?
What do you mean?

She wanted to stop them right now if possible, but this is not just a fight, but a match. For the two knights, this does not mean just winning or losing or right or wrong. It’s honor. No matter how much the match is played in the name of Chizuru, once Lukrov receives Baru’s wish, she has no right to step in …
It’s a simple, primitive, world of men.

“Lukrov …”
Still, Chizuru was muttering his name with the last sliver of hope.
Lukrov was trying to move with Baru to the center of the circle, which has already become a stadium, but when he heard Chizuru’s voice, he turned around. Then, with a leopard-like pace approaching the prey, he slowly returns in front of Chizuru.
Chizuru once again muttered with a sad voice.
At that moment, Lukrov grabbed Chizuru’s shoulders with both hands and quickly dropped a biting, hot and sharp kiss on her exposed neck.
“Ah …”
Does leaving a mark always comes with such a painful pain like marking iron?
It was a mark of Lukrov that made it so obvious who she belongs to. The sound of sucking the skin made the core of her body heat up and she had hard time breathing.
“I think I said it before”
Lukrov whispered to Chizuru’s ear while slowly raising his face. “If you showed more affection to a man other than me, I’ll increase the marks each time.
Affection … to anyone …”
“I will win. and when I come back, I won’t stop just with leaving marks, I’ll hug you all night long until you scream”
After he declared so, Lukrov returned and proceeded to the center of the circle.

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