Only With Your Heart Chapter 43

A fight between men (2)

The appearance of Lukrov and Baru glaring at each other in the middle of the circle and gradually shortening the distance between them was full of tension as if the tiger and leopard were groaning with their fangs exposed.

The crowd, who was making a loud noise, began to be pushed by the force, and gradually became quieter as time passed.

Chizuru stood next to Roan and was watching the game with a sigh.

“I think the betting rate for winning and losing is about 50/50. Some people are betting that they will continue until both of them collapse.”

While smiling, Roan poked Chizuru’s shoulder with his folded arm elbow.

“Roan, I  have few things to get angry on you.”

Keeping an eye on the Lukrov’s, Chizuru said that

The Roan pretended to be shivering and was said mockingly “Oh, scary”

Chizuru sighed to give up and glanced up at the red-haired knight.

“Oh, it’s a mark? It’s such a wonderful display of his intention, meanwhile He still says difficult things, he’s really stupid.”

Roan noticed the kiss mark that Lukrov put on, and frowned as if he was really angry.

Chizuru touched the nape of her neck as if holding onto Lukrov’s feelings that is blooming red around her neck, and remembered his expression when he put this mark on her, and his Obvious craving

And if that wasn’t love, Chizuru didn’t care about the definition of that word anymore.

“I think Lukrov is fighting … the Memories, the present, and the future”

“That’s right. At least he got something worth fighting for now. That’s a big step forward.”

“Please don’t bully Lukrov anymore. He can give a proper answer by himself. It may be tomorrow or a year later, but he will for sure.”

Roan shrugged his shoulders and looked at Lukrov, who was sharply glaring in the center of the circle.

With eyes mixed with love and irritation, like an older brother watching over his younger brother.

“… His answer has been around for 14 years, Chizuru.”

Chizuru also returned her eyes to Lukrov and others, just like Roan.

The two knights are slowly but surely starting to get closer and closer. A bit different from the competition using the sword, the vivid force overflowed from the two bodies.

For some reason, Chizuru was confident that Lukrov would win.

It was because he declared that, and because she knew his strength. She’s not underestimating the strength and youthfulness of Baru, but it wasn’t an unbeatable battle if Lukrov became serious.

When they approached in a distance, they can reach each other, it was Baru who attacked first. It was a snake-quick move, but Lukrov easily dodged it. The quiet crowd screamed and began to make noise again.

“I’ll be killed if I say it, but I’ll tell you one good thing in revenge for last night. Chizuru.”

“good thing?”

“Yes, it’s the secret of Lukrov that only I know.”

Baru tried to grab him again, but Lukrov evaded it just before he even can, holding one of Baru’s arms in the gap and knocking him down to the ground.

There was a noise and raising dust.

If you were an untrained opponent, this alone would have already set the game. However, Baru got up immediately and took his posture back.

The Cheers started raising, and cheering and swearing echo in the darkness of the night at the same time.

Baru’s eyes became steep and burning, and he stared at his opponent, Lukrov.

At first glance, Lukrov’s eyes seem to be cold and calm, but he must be more heated than Baru

Suddenly, it seemed that Baru had told Lukrov something.

The contents cannot be heard from the place where Chizuru stands. However, Lukrov’s expression became terrible in an instant, and he stared at Baru with an intense look.

The next blow seemed to be both steps taken at the same time.

“Lukrov and I have always been rivals, both now and in the past. Although we are friends, but we’ve never showed the other party our weaknesses, however, 14 years ago Lukrov came and bowed his head to me asking for something ..”

Her sight was still fixed at the match of Lukrov and Baru, but Chizuru listened carefully to what Roan was saying.

There is also the possibility that Roan is just teasing.

However, Chizuru didn’t ignore him because his tone was strange.

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