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Only With Your Heart Chapter 44

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A fight between men (3)

In the center of the circle that was surrounded by the crowd, Lukrov and Baru tightened each other’s shoulders and clenched their teeth. The blood and flesh of the two trained knights, competing head-on for their insteps, were illuminated by the bonfires of the dark night, giving the illusion of looking into the world of ancient mythology.

“In our world, there is a tradition of sending a ring when a man finds a woman who identify her as a person to swear loving for a lifetime, however, rings are  extremely expensive, Especially If you trying to make something good. At that time, Lukrov didn’t have the money, unlike me, who had his father’s title and territory, so he asked me if I could help him with that ”


Chizuru opened her eyes wide and looked up at the Roan beside her.

Roan’s had a calmness in him that made her feel as if he was looking into the memories of the past rather than watching the game. He raised the edge of his mouth and listens to Chizuru as if he were revealing a special secret.

“I want to show you Lukrov’s face at that time. Is there a similar custom in your world? He was desperate back then”

“That’s … yes, but …”

Is it a wedding ring or an engagement ring?

Certainly, at that time, she might have taught Lukrov about that. She thought it was one of the casual conversations between lovers, when he asked how to court in her world, she answered that


Perhaps it had a deeper meaning than just a casual conversation?

Even without a ring, Lukrov at that time swore genuine love to Chizuru.

The two never talked about marriage and engagement, but they still talked about their future dreams together.

Chizuru was thinking about the future with Lukrov.

The only thing that shook her heart was her only family, her grandmother Kazuyo, who had already a weak heart at that time weakened her confidence that time, she was serious until she nodded to the “voice” she heard on that fateful day.

The voice of the audience rose enthusiastically again, and Chizuru was released from her thoughts and concentrated on the game again.

Baru is doing his best. It would not be an exaggeration to say that he is the number one knight in the territory, as Roan said. However, in war situation, Lukrov was clearly superior. Suffice it to say, Baru may be more powerful, but Lukrov is overwhelmingly faster.

“I can bet on all my fortune and the rest of my life that He still has that ring. keeping it quietly for the rest of his life. That’s why I said he was stupid.”

Chizuru clasped both hands in front of her chest as the game became even more intense.

Lukrov’s strong arms hunt down the young knight while rolling up in dust. When she thinks of that majestic body sometimes gently embracing her, a sweet tingling feeling runs through the core of her body….

A slight night breeze blew and scattered dust around.

‘I don’t know if that’s the reason. But suddenly my eyes were tingling and I was weeping on spot’



Chizuru took a breath when she shouted in her heart the name of her beloved one as if saying a prayer. Lukrov, who fought off Baru’s rush attack, showed an elegant movement then grabbed Baru’s arm and slipped, as if using that momentum. Chizuru didn’t know what had happened. Even Roan is astonishingly raised his eyebrows.

The next moment, Baru’s body floated in the air like a half turn.

Then, it made a loud noise and fell to the ground.

Baru who was lying down with his face on the ground

“Gu …”

After leaking a painful voice, he seemed to try to stand up a little bit, but his arm was quivering and he fell down as if he was immediately pulled to the ground.

A few seconds of silence wraps around.

Lukrov took a swaying posture, took a rough breath on his shoulders, and then looked around the crowd, which looked like a circular cage from his point of view. At first glance, the move may have seemed to that of a warrior declaring his victory.

However, Chizuru knew.

He is just looking for something ── someone ──. he thought it might be okay to fall in love with that “someone” …

Chizuru couldn’t stand still there and started running toward him

Lukrov greeted Chizuru, who ran out as if she had been tossed, with a smile and opened his arms. Chizuru jumps into his arms without any hesitation, stretches her back and hugged his neck.

When the two hugged tightly, a warmer cheer, which was different from the heckler to the game, sprang up from here and there, making the evening party even more exciting.

The stars were twinkling brightly in the night sky, and the light seemed to fall like rain.

The moon is rising high and the bonfire is burning hot.

It’s a good night for a party like this.

Chizuru, who threw herself into Lukrov’s chest, was wrapped in a gentle feeling as if she had returned to her hometown, which she hadn’t seen for a long time, and gently closed her wet eyes.


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