Only With Your Heart Chapter 45

 Lovers Night(1)

While the two were hugging tightly, the audiences who were convinced that the match was over disappeared one by one into the hustle of the festival

The night was getting darker, the wind was increasing, and it was getting a little chilly.

When the number of people decreased, the heat around them started to fade, and Chizure felt that the sensible temperature of his body suddenly dropped.

Chizuru was held in Lukrov’s arms and was still warm because she wore a fine dress, but Lukrov was completely naked except for his pants. Chizuru pushed Lukrov’s chest, stepped back, and worriedly looked up at him.

“It’s getting colder …? you might catch a cold, let’s look for clothes.”

However, Lukrov only made muffled with a dissatisfied voice, and then he hugged Chizuru tightly again, and stopped moving

“mmm, clothes …”

Chizuru muttered again, but Lukrov shook his head.

“I want to stay like this for a little longer”

“But isn’t it cold?”

“It’s been a while since I’ve felt so hot. Don’t worry … let’s just stay like this for a little while”

It was a mystery how long that “a little while” meant, but Lukrov’s body was certainly warm and his tone was painfully gentle, so she didn’t feel like protesting.

Chizuru turned her eyelids down again, turned her face to his chest, and listened to his heartbeat.

After a while, Lukrov’s hand slowly moved as if stroking Chizuru’s back, and when she noticed, one stiff hand was gently inserted through her hair.

She tried to fix it herself as much as possible, but it was far from the perfection than the way Arde had tied it up for her, Chizuru looked up and stared at Lukrov’s expression.

He was smiling.

It was a quiet smile that was different from the full smile, but still had a shadow of melancholy,… but still.

Chizuru smiled back and wanted to enjoy this happy feeling for as long as possible.

“Is your body okay? Are you injured?”


Lukrov’s reply was short, and it was just a matter of course. Chizuru laughed out loud and made fun of him.

“Yeah. It was a fight that I couldn’t think of as someone who said he was too old could do it.”

“And you should remember what I said, as promised, tonight I’ll hold you all night until you scream.”

“that is……”

It may be said that she is a shameless woman.

However, Chizuru didn’t think that Lukrov’s threat was so bad.

At midnight, the torches and bonfires began to lose momentum, and the merchants and craftsmen who had set up tents began to close their store little by little.

People were satisfied with their gorgeous meals, enjoyed the music, and enjoyed a little boxing match, and everyone seemed to be completely satisfied.

Before she knew it, the guest Roan had returned to his room as well.

After that, there was only a poet who was sitting on a log and talking in front of a few people who still wanted to enjoy the after party.

Lukrov hugged Chizuru sideways and entered the main tower of the castle.

After the festival, there were few lovers between their servants who were hugging each other, and when they passed through the empty hall, they went up to the room on the second floor.

When you open the door of Chizuru’s room, the scent of flowers suddenly spreads.

A candle of a size that could not be extinguished all night was lit on the windowsill, and rose-like petals were scattered around it for a handful.

“this is……?”

Chizuru looked up at Lukrov while being held in his big arm with a questioning eyes 

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