Only With Your Heart Chapter 46

 Lovers Night(2)

Chizuru looked up at Lukrov while being held in his big arm with a questioning eyes 

Lukrov shook his head, implying that this was not what he had prepared.

“Then, I wonder if it’s Arde.”

“Or is it a Roan?”

Maybe Roan asked Arde to arrange it.

On a small table near the bed, fresh flowers and some fruits are sitting on silver tableware. It was like a service to hotel honeymooners, and Chizuru smiled. Of course, I haven’t actually stayed at a hotel on my honeymoon, but in the end, somethings stays similar in any world.

For some reason, Luklov, looked at Chizuru and smirked

“At this time, no matter who did it. With this, I can hold you until morning without worrying.”

Chizuru suddenly received a sucking kiss around her neck and trembled with pleasure.

Ah, if it feels like this with just one kiss, but as Lukrov says, if it continues until the morning … what will happen?

When she looked into Lukrov’s eyes, there was an answer.

-Swayed by the endless jet-black night sea, it would surely be washed away to the far end, irreversibly far away. Far beyond the reach of anyone-

-However, if Lukrov would come to the end of the world with me, that would be fine-

Lukrov laid Chizuru on the bed, and slowly slid his index finger of one hand from Chizuru’s chin to neck and chest looking through the dress.

Chizuru’s chest screamed painfully with sweet expectations and a little fear.

When his finger reached the collar of the dress, he stopped moving for a moment and then suddenly pulled down the dress with both hands.


Because the dress had a wide-open collar, Chizuru’s chest was immediately revealed. Lukrov had thrilled eyes as if to thank God for this, and after looking at the deep pink, hard nibbles and bulging chest, he took one of them in his mouth.

“Ah …, huh …!”

At the same time, the other side was patted with his finger, and Chizuru received a shook down her spine and leaked a cry.

Lukrov knows too well how to feel Chizuru’s places. Chizuru’s body was already numb by the persistent caress on her chest, and began to tremble 

Lukrov kept licking the top of her chest as if to tease Chizuru, who breathes roughly, and seemed to enjoy watching her reaction. At the same time, he was slowly taking off the dress of her. However, at this rate, it was more likely that she would come before the dress could be taken off.

“Wait …,if you keep up like this … oh …”

Lukrov looked down at Chizuru who was begging with teary eyes, with hot, excited, but gentle eyes.

“come. Any number of times… I’ll take it all.”

“Ah … mmm!”

──She didn’t know that someone could give so much pleasure than caressing with voice only.

Chizuru was washed by the first wave of pleasure, and when she screamed, she shook her whole body.

Chizuru’s upper body was tangled with the dress in the middle of being taken off, and she couldn’t move much. Still, she managed to touch Lukrov’s arm with one hand, and Chizuru muttered between her rough breaths.

“Luk … rovv …”

The knight wrapped his big hands around the girl who looked up at him with her cheeks bright red as an apple, and he dropped a hot, hot kiss.

“The night has just begun”

Yes, the knight whispered that into the girl’s ear.

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