Only With Your Heart Chapter 47

The morning after (1)

Chizuru naturally smiled as she squinted at the glittering morning sun that came in through the window.

The bed sheets were completely disturbed by the remnants of last night passion, but she was covered with a soft and warm cotton-filled blanket. The act of love last night really continued until the dawn began to show on the horizon, and Chizuru fell asleep before she even knew it.

And now she woke up.

Maybe she had only slept for a few hours at most, but her head and mind are refreshed and it feels good. Only the female part who accepted Lukrov many times ached a little bit, but she didn’t feel much of the morning low blood pressure that she usually suffers from.

──Because if you can see such a scene immediately after waking up, your heart will work in maximum speed from the morning.

“Good morning … Lukrov”

When Chizuru called out, Lukrov, who was changing clothes by the side of the bed, looked back over his shoulder. When Chizuru woke up and saw her smiling, he also smiled gently.

‘I felt like I saw the most dazzling sight in the world.’

Lukrov tied the string that tightens his waist tightly, turned around and put one knee on the edge of the bed, right next to Chizuru, The bed sinks to his weight, and his face, which had begun to grow a little stubble, approached her.

“Good morning. Don’t you need to sleep some more?”

“no, I feel awake … maybe I’m hungry.”

“Because of the banquet, there won’t be much in the dining room this morning, because many chefs didn’t wake up yet

Lukrov picked up a small apple from the table beside the bed and handed it to Chizuru.

After staring at the smooth surfaced red fruit, Chizuru slowly raised her upper body and looked around while pulling the blanket.

Certainly, the castle is unusually quiet for this time.

The scent of breakfast, which usually reaches upstairs, is almost nonexistent, and everything may go on leisurely this morning. She was glad that Lukrov was so generous about it that he didn’t complain about it. To the point she’s even proud of him, the one who notices his tired servants and gives them a brief break.

However, she was hungry, and she was still naked except that she was wrapped in a blanket on the bed, but she bite into the apple she received. It has a more sour and awakening taste than Japanese apples.

Suddenly, she noticed that Lukrov was staring at her, who had finished eating everything, leaving the core behind. For some reason, Chizuru was embarrassed by his sexy gaze and her cheeks were dyed in red.


In Japan, the apple skin has to be peeled and cut into eight pieces and eaten, but here it is normal to bite the skin as it is, and Chizuru got used to it before she knew it. So, she didn’t feel any discomfort with this, but … When she was stared at like that, she felt like she was doing something embarrassing.

The edge of Lukrov’s lips draws a joyful curve.

“… I wonder who was the one who bothered people when they first handed an apple a long time ago, saying that they couldn’t eat it without it being peeled .”

“……. Long ago, when I gave you an Apple for the first time, I wondered who was the one who annoyed people by saying that you can not eat without peeling the skin」

Chizuru’s cheeks would have turned red just like the Apple she had just eaten.

When she first came to this other world … when she had just met luklov … of course, Chizuru knew only the common sense of modern Japan, and when she thinks about it now, she has done something quite embarrassing. she thinks she used to call them barbaric …

It’s the second time this time,and she can’t be bothered to make a fuss unless it’s a big deal. she think it’s all because she decided to stay in this world-on luklov’s side for the rest of her life, It is not easy, so she wish he would evaluate her a little, not to make fun of her

Chizuru stretches her back to resist luklov and sharpened her lips、

“She fell in love with a savage Knight, so she abandoned the old common sense」

Chizuru declared.


Lukrov’s gaze was so happy that it looked as if it was dancing <tl: trust me that was the line

“That’s right.She doesn’t say she wants to take a bath every day, does she? She’s happy just to cleanse herself with the hot water in the barrel, It’s because she’s all determined to live her lives in that barbaric, grumpy world of Knights with him”

Chizuru stared into him, wanting to know Lukrov’s reaction.

-I wonder what he is thinking ……-

He seemed to be satisfied with something.

“Are you satisfied with this as an answer?”


Lukrov touched Chizuru’s cheek with one hand and smiled gently.

“As long as that barbaric knight is me”

Relieved, Chizuru smiled too.

“It’s also gets difficult, you know that?”

“Well, I’m aware of it.”

“Then, don’t make fun of me.”


Agreeing so, Lukrov gave Chizuru a light, touching kiss on her cheek. For some reason Chizuru got shy, it felt much more familiar than the rich and rough kiss with lips and tongue.


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