Only With Your Heart Chapter 48

The morning after (2)

Later that morning, Arde didn’t seem to come yet to help Chizuru with her cloth, so she chose her own clothes and changed to them, finished a light meal that consisted of fruits, and then went down to the hall on the first floor with Lukrov.

Although they also appeared in the cafeteria, it seems that the breakfast was mainly leftovers from last night’s feast, and the servants and knights were dazed, just as they should be after the festival. Still, they do not miss a respectful greeting when they saw Lukrov.

Roan and his knights weren’t there yet.

They are guests and do not need to work here, so they are probably still sleeping. Chizuru was a little worried about what happened to Baru after the match last night, but she didn’t feel like asking too much in front of Lukrov. Besides, he is also a knight and a warrior. Such matches and duels should never be the first or the last, and may not be exaggerated for his honor.

“I don’t think there will be work or training this morning.”

While looking around the empty hall, Lukrov seemed to judge that, and while muttering, brushed his hair with one hand. Chizuru was in a situation where he could not help but to agree

“I think everyone will get up around noon …”

“Maybe. Well, it is fine for this morning.”

Speaking of which, Lukrov looked down at Chizuru.

It was a meaningful gaze that made Chizuru surprised.

“What wrong?”

“Would you like to go outside?”

” What?”

Chizuru blinked at his sudden question. Lukrov continues.

“You’ve never been outside the walls, have you?” he asked. There are some places I want to show you before winter comes. If you’re not tired, let’s get the horse out it’s not that far.”

“Really? Yeah, I want to go!”

Chizuru jumped at the invitation without a second.No matter how much he lives in a room next to her in the same castle, there are few opportunities to stay with lukrov, the Lord of the castle, and the Lord of the whole region, all morning except for breakfast. In addition, as he said, Chizuru had hardly been outside the castle yet, so the excitement was also a lot.

Lukrov took Chizuru out to a beautiful lake about 30 minutes away from the castle by riding a horse.

Leaves and flowers like water lilies are floating, and swans are swimming in a pairs in the waterfowl. On the lakeside, grass and other small plants were shining with a golden hue that alarms that autumn is near, every time the wind blew it would produce a gentle sound

The two were sitting by the lake and quietly gazing at the scenery.

When swans made strange movements or small fish flew over the water, they would talk about it and laugh together, but other than that they were close to each other and just left their bodies to the warmth of the other. .. It was a natural and comfortable feeling.

‘I wanted to think that Lukrov enjoyed this moment just like I am’

The scenery of the lake is beautiful, peaceful, and refreshing.

He wanted to show Chizuru such a scenery … Just thinking about that made her heart tremble, she felt sadness, happiness, and madly in love

Lukrov has not yet said that he loves Chizuru.

he has not withdrawn the statement that Chizuru is his “guest”, let alone mention the future, and the ring that Roan talked about was still a mystery.

However, Chizuru thought.

It’s been about a month since Chizuru returned to this world. Maybe they just didn’t spend enough time to fill the deep gap of fourteen years.

Yes, they have time

Even if the past cannot be recovered, they have a future.

Now all he has to do is to allow her to snuggle up next to him. she wants to wait quietly for his wounds to be healed.

Chizuru thought so while setting next to her loved one on a balmy morning after the festival.

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