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Only With Your Heart Chapter 49

~Moon Time (1)~

Over the next days, everything in the castle went as usual, except for Roan who was still staying as a guest in the castle

The knights who came with Roan were escorting and guarding their master sometimes, while other times they trained together with Lukrov knights in joint training.

Chizuru was also the same as usual, she spent the day looking after the children when she had spare time. And at night … she was loved by Lukrov who was so passionate as if trying to fill the gap of time when they couldn’t meet each other.

Sometimes even when the sun was still there, Lukrov began to show his face to Chizuru. While taking care of the children, or while chatting with Arde in the courtyard, he suddenly appears and checks Chizuru’s condition. After a while, whether he was relieved or satisfied, he leaves a light kiss on her cheek and returns to work and training the knights.

“I wonder if he wants to make sure that Chizuru sama is right here”

Arde was analyzing.

The relationship between the two may not be perfect yet.

Still, I think it’s a big step forward for Lukrov, who has gone through a lot of suffering and tragedy over the last fourteen years. Even if he is not, he is a cautious person and does not open his heart to others so easily.

Therefore, Chizuru decided that it was time to slowly build trust with each other all over again

Then, in the afternoon two days after the party, Chizuru was chatting with Roan while taking a walk in the garden of the castle.  Arde was following them while keeping a few steps distance, maybe she was refraining from it because she hardly joined their conversation and just accompanied them quietly.

Roan talked about his wife and two children in a funny way and entertained Chizuru with some memories.

Roan told her with a rare shyness, That he and his wife met in a so-called political marriage decided by their parents. At first, they hated each other so much that they didn’t even want to see each other’s faces, but before he knew it, she became an important existence to him

And above all, the existence of the children strengthened the bond between the two.

“Aside from Chizuru, Lukrov is already a good age. Why don’t you start making children right away? There are territories and titles. That stubborn head will not say difficult if you want to have a baby.”



Chizuru looked around and hurriedly watched the red-haired knight. But Arde seemed to be listening while laughing silently, and Roan just shrugging. Fortunately, there were no other human figures around them.

“I’m serious. I’ve never been more serious.”

When they arrived at the courtyard, she saw white flowers growing along the moss-covered walls. Roan stopped there and looked down at Chizuru with a serious look.

“That idiot didn’t say anything yet, did he?”

“Yeah … but it’s okay, Roan. For now, I only want to be on his side now, that’s it.”

“Damn, Chizuru, when I look at two of you, I get frustrated and itchy… ahhh so itchy it’s itching all over my body. Oh, itching!”

Roan complained while pretending to scratch his arm.

Chizuru had no choice but to laugh.

“Well, words aren’t that important. Even if Lukrov says he loves me every day, that doesn’t mean that things will change much more than they are now. I believe It’s a really good relationship for now… I don’t think I need to change it in a hurry. “

Hearing Chizuru’s word, Roan made a difficult face as if he saying he could understand all that I said but he couldn’t agree with it.

“… I still think he should declare it aloud.”

In the end, Roan said that and didn’t touch on this topic anymore.

Chizuru felt a little restless, but she didn’t know what to do.

‘Should I shake Lukrov’s shoulders with all my might and threaten him to confess his true feelings now? I don’t think so.’

Anyway, now she has no choice but to wait

On that evening, Chizuru suffered from severe abdominal pain and stayed in the room without going out to the dining room.

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