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Only With Your Heart Chapter 50

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~Moon Time (2)~

I didn’t have much appetite, so I refused to need it, but Arde brought light bread and soup to the room before going down. I’m didn’t want to disappoint her, so I forced myself to eat a bit of the soup, then changed into nightwear and laid down in bed.

It was then that I felt something wrong with my lower abdomen.

Although it was an incident, it was not a pain that I didn’t know at all. An unpleasant sensation of being squeezed and a slight headache … Feel the dampness at the base of your feet and get up. When I looked it up, it was just the beginning of the moon. (TL: its that time of month k)

(What should I do … Sanitary products …)

Moreover, it seems that the amount of bleeding is large, probably because it has stopped for a while since I returned to this world and it was the first time in a while. The bed was completely dirty.

I managed to get away from the wet bedsheets and searched inside the chest of drawers.

Of course, there is no convenient item like disposable sanitary pads in this world, but there is a white cotton cloth shaped like a washcloth, which you can fold and substitute. What I learned the last time I came, I should have seen that it was also prepared in the chest of drawers in this room.

(It was there……)

The target was found immediately, and I took off his dirty underwear and hurriedly replaced it with a new one.

Arde is a neat experienced maid, so she won’t make a fuss about the blood of the moon of the mistress she serve. I was reluctant to call her back from her family, for this reason, so I folded the dirty underwear along with the cloth, I’ll explain the situation tomorrow morning and ask her to do the laundry.

The problem is bedsheets ──.

Chizuru didn’t notice the footsteps of Lukrov approaching the room at all, probably because she was changing clothes and folding her clothes.

Only when there was a dry sound of the door moving, she felt a sign of people and looked back at the entrance of the room.

Then, there stood Lukrov with a strange face.

Worried? Is it impatient? Anger?

She stared at him with a pale face that and she didn’t know what to say

“Oh, Lukrov … I’m taking in a little now … Can you wait for a little outside?”

Because the sheets and clothes with blood were still in full view, I hurriedly headed to him to lead him out Lukrov. I Reached out to push him out, while he was standing at the entrance of the room.

Then, Lukrov grabbed my wrists at a terrifying speed.

“Luk …”

“What do you mean. What happened?”

“Well, wait, that”

As if there was no such thing as Chizuru’s restraint, Lukrov walked the bloody sheets with an amazing speed and turned his attention to the blood on her clothes, which was folded on the floor just near the bed then His gaze immediately returned to Chizuru, who was left behind at the entrance of the room

The knight’s jet-black eyes were swaying in fear as if he was looking at a ghost.

Although I knew that I had to explain it to him as soon as possible, but I don’t think there is a human who can speak fluently when such eyes are gazing on them. I was felt suffocated and couldn’t speak immediately.

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