Only With Your Heart Chapter 51

~Moon Time (3)~

Then, in a moment while blinking, Lukrov returned to me.

And he lifted me up  while looking at every part of my body, and then he spoke with a sad voice while stroking my hair

“Did you get hurt somewhere …?”

I was barely able to shake my head.

Lukrov tries to bring me to bed immediately with caution and strength that cannot be resisted. Then he sat me on the edge of the bed, and Lukrov knelt on one knee in front of me

His irresistible eyes that were staring at me made my chest tightened

“No, Lukrov. Well … that … just because the moon came … I couldn’t go to the cafeteria because I felt sick, probably because due to that as well …”

While shrinking in shame, I managed to say so.

In any case, I wanted to avoid the act of love during menstruation, so I had to let him know at the right time. However, it was embarrassing to be noticed in this way.

Also, I’m sorry that it seems that I’ve made him worry


Lukrov replied in a tone that said (I don’t know what it is, please explain.)

Chizuru turned bright red.

“That’s… its Women’s Day. Do you know? So tonight, we can’t sleep together …”

Basically, men in this world-especially the knights who live by exchanging lives seemed to avoid the act of love during that period, making the woman’s moon thing ominous or unclean. I’ve heard that some couples have separate rooms without even touching their partner during menstruation.

Lukrov didn’t have that kind of innocence, but even 14 years ago, he was like “it’s postponed ” only during her period, and he just snuggled up and slept.

“Moon thing”

Lukrov said again.

If you are persistent like this, I will feel like I’m being bullied.

I made a firm expression as much as possible and made a tongue twister.

“Well, it’s menstrual. I’m sorry I got my sheets and clothes dirty. But don’t worry because I’ll clean them tomorrow. And … I can’t do that during the period? The sheets are also dirty. But I can’t sleep with you tonight … “

To that extent, Lukrov whispered and pressed his index finger against Chizuru’s lips.

“Is it really just the moon?”

Oh, stop it already.

My face was bright red and I just nodded silently.

“Are you not injured? where else do you feel sick?”

“I’m fine …”

“okay if you say so”

The tension disappeared visibly from Lukrov’s facial expression.

“Arde said you were terribly ill. you didn’t even come to eat, and when I wondered what happened so I came here and there was blood all over the room. Just imagine what thoughts were in my mind “

what he described in the room was a bit of an exaggeration to me, but from his perspective, is that the case?

I whispered in a small voice, “I’m sorry.”

Lukrov shook his head and smiled gently.

“Why apologizing?”

“That … I’ve messed up the place a lot and made a strange misunderstanding … and, we can’t do it for a few days from tonight.”

I don’t believe it anymore.

However, Lukrov was the one to declare it the first time he placed me on this bed while back (You open your legs here just to satisfy my desires)

There is no love or rejection and I just accepted his words, and Lukrov hasn’t turned it over yet. In other words, by the definition he gave me, Me, who cannot do it at night, has no meaning to Lukrov.

Of course, I believe that this is no longer the case …

No, I just want to believe it.

“I’ll accept an apology for the misunderstanding, But I don’t care about anything else. Don’t worry”

The expression that Lukrov showed was more painful than my own


“It’s okay … You don’t have to do anything. Now, I will change the sheets and just let me sleep here with you ”

In a sweet, gentle voice like a sweet candy, Lukrov whispered to my ear.

When Lukrov moved me to the chair he took off the dirty sheets with surprising dexterity and took the new sheets out of the chest of drawers. I tried to help with putting on the new sheets, but it seemed that it had rather disturbed the sheet and the two laughed aloud while pulling each other’s side of sheets.

All the dirty cloth was tucked into the basket at the end of the room.

That night, the two of us just hugged each other and went to sleep.


And it was midnight of that day






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