Only With Your Heart Chapter 52

~A faint memory~

Chizuru was dreaming that night

When she was still in elementary school, her grandmother took her on a short trip to Kyoto for the first time.

Memories of the beach where she went to with her friends when she was in junior high school.

When she was a high school student, she was always laughing with Mai …

It was a movie-like dream where she was quietly watching the images of her memories.

The scene suddenly changed to this different world





Chizuru was thrown on her own into a deep forest where she couldn’t tell right from left and was shocked, and then when she started walking around, She was surrounded by beasts like animals.

each beast is roaring towards Chizuru with its sharp teeth exposed.

Her legs were stiff and did not move, as if she was in a nightmare.

Even with her whole body trembled with fear, and her heart pulsated so strongly as if it were to come out at any moment, along with the tears filling her eyes and it were to spill at any moment

She still couldn’t move even a step.

But when one of the largest beasts in the group finally tried to attack Chizuru, a miracle happened.

A sharp bow and arrow came flying from nowhere and hit the Beast’s neck.

The beast screamed in pain and tried to slip away, however, It began to suffer and struggle on the spot while other beasts in the group began to bark in a distraught manner.


a tall knight with dark hair and dark eyes appeared dashing and defeated all the beasts with a sword. It was breathtaking scene as if it was taken from a divine work of art…….

yes, it was him

Chizuru was confident that she will never forget the moment when she first saw him.

That shock wave.

Covered in the fresh blood of the beast, He seemed to by hungry for her, even more that the beasts

That deep darkness of his eyes felt as if she was sucked into them.

Chizuru’s heart, fate, life may have already been decided at that moment


Translator Note:

sorry about the short chapter -_-” I’m feeling down lately and didn’t have much time to edit much. but will make it up to you guys in the next one >.<

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  1. regulusxxblack

    So that was their first meeting? ❤️

    1. Leila

      yes..I imagined something more intense tho lol
      Have a nice day

  2. Kardelune

    he wanted her even the first time they met?

    Sending sunshine your way! Do something nice for yourself! I like to learn how to make a new recipe, yummy food I make myself can always cheer me up (yummy food in general does that too lol)
    And I like going back to read your answers to my comments too ^^ It’s why I started commenting all the time

    1. Leila

      kinda weird isn’t it ? but its a cliché novel so love at first sight fit in it xD
      I can relate to that. spent the day eating sweets which brighten my mood a bit
      Have a nice day love ~

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