Only With Your Heart Chapter 53

~The visitor of that night~

When she woke up, the first thing she heard was the sound of rain.

The sound of owls, which is usually heard well, has calmed down, and instead, the sound of large drops of water hitting the ground continued forever. Chizuru opened her eyes and weakly gazed at the fading candlelight by the window.

Chizuru’s body was warm, all though it must be terribly cold outside.

She could guess the reason behind the warmth she felt, she slept sideways and behind her, she could feel Lukrov large body wrapped around her. she was using his right arm as a pillow while his left arm was holding her waist

She knows if she made even the slightest move he would wake up immediately, so she held her breath for a while and enjoyed this moment.

──She had a dream when she first met Lukrov.

Many years have passed since then, and now, in whatever form, they are sleeping on a rainy night, hugging each other. Fate is a strange thing that can not be imagined, sometimes harsh, but when she looked back, it made sense somewhere.

Chizuru looked down at Lukrov’s hand that was around her waist.

The big, boned, Manly fingers are as powerful as representing the eventful half-life. When she is being held in his arm, Chizuru is wrapped in a deep sense of security.

It didn’t seem like it was late at night, so Chizuru closed her eyes trying to go back to sleep and began to sleep .. and at that time

Khan, Khan, and a loud noise like a warning bell echoed twice in the dull rainy sky. It’s not somewhere far away, perhaps it’s coming from outside walls.

Lukrov was raising his upper body faster than Chizuru opened her eyes. Chizuru also hurriedly raised his head and looked back at Lukrov.

“What is the sound now?”

“It’s news from the castle gate … We seem to have an unexpected visitor.”

” unexpected visitor…?”

Lukrov, who seems to have noticed Chizuru’s expression clouding anxiously, smiled softly to reassure her.

“Don’t worry. The two alarms are a signal that an unexpected guest has arrived, but there is no danger. If the opponent is a dangerous enemy, it will ring four times.”

After he told her that, Lukrov quickly got up from the bed.

Chizuru was still laying down with only her upper body raised on the bed, watching over Lukrov’s actions. He started wearing his cloth and put on his boots

“… Are you going to see it?”

“Oh, just in case.”

And looking back at Chizuru, Lukrov whispered softly to her ear. “I hope will keep on resting her. I’m Just checking the matter and I’ll be back soon.”

Chizuru smiled softly and answered while hiding her anxiety as much as possible.

“Yeah … be careful. It looks cold outside …”

“I’ll be back soon”

Lukrov repeated so to make her less anxious, he gently kissed Chizuru’s cheek and left the room.

When the door was closed and she was left behind, Chizuru felt as if the room was suddenly darker and colder, and felt a slight shudder.


Who on Earth would visit the castle unexpectedly at midnight?


There are not many people who travel the frontier at this time when there are no street lights or the lights of private houses.

Either you were lost and in trouble, or you had a lot of urgent needs. In any case, if it was just a traveler or a messenger, it would not sound an alarm bell to wake  Lukrov, which means that a person with a certain high status has appeared.

Because of the dullness during menstruation, Chizuru just wrapped herself in sheets and blanket and waited for Lukrov’s return.

However, even after 30 minutes have passed and an hour has passed, there is no sign of him coming back.

As she became increasingly anxious, Chizuru woke up.

The drowsiness didn’t come at all, and the longer she stays in bed, she could just imagine unpleasant thoughts. She wondered if it was an attack by an enemy disguised as a guest all that ominous ideas. 


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