Only With Your Heart Chapter 54

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When Chizuru decided, she got out of bed and searched for a hooded cloak in the chest of drawers.

 She thought it wasn’t a big thing enough to change into a dress, so she put on the dark blue cloak she found on her night gown, put on her shoes, and left the room.

The corridor was cool and the air felt moist and heavy probably because of the rain.

She couldn’t feel any sign of people right away, but when she approached the stairs, someone’s voice echoed faintly. She can’t hear the content, but she understands that it’s a female voice. That is also the excited voice of a young woman…

This was surprising because she imagined only men of some age would appear at such a time. Chizuru quickly steps down the stairs. By the time she approached the first floor, the content of the story also began to sound choppy.


“…… So my proposal is the best option to make this matter end peacefully “

The voice of a young woman, a strange voice that she doesn’t recognize 

” But…… I wonder if lords, especially him, will give up so easily?. I can only assume that it will be a stepping stone to swallow this territory..”

That answer came from Roan as She could hear his voice

Although it was calm, he was speaking in a way that was not like him, which made her feel like he was frustrated.

” Well! are you saying that I am my father’s minion!!”

The woman hysterically screamed.

“I didn’t say that, Lady Exia, but it won’t work as you say.”

“You should keep silent! I’m not even talking to you ! I’m asking Lukrov sama”

The heated discussion can be heard all the way from the hall.

Chizuru’s heart was beating like crazy, and her legs were almost felt tingling from the heat.

When she reached the entrance of the hall, She can see Lukrov, Roan, his servant Nadal and another… a strange young blonde woman talking in her cloak at the end of the large room.

Chizuru stopped and took a deep breath.

because that woman was so beautiful, She has blond curly hair, white skin, bright blue or green eyes that she wasn’t able to catch the right color, and deeply carved features…A brilliant dress that can be seen only through the crevice of the cloak.

They didn’t seem to be aware of Chizuru’s existence yet.

Lukrov gave his back to the entrance where Chizuru stands, so she didn’t know his expression. However, the young blonde, with her big eyes shining with confidence, turned to Lukrov and declared clearly.

“Lukrov sama, marry me, and my dad won’t want to ruin your territory. I think that’s the best conclusion for everyone …”



What !



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  1. regulusxxblack

    Wow. So this is what you all waiting for.. a bitch who will try to ruin everything 🤣

    1. Leila

      When Chizuru was saying She appeared I though something dramatic is about to start
      welp it was bound to happen I guess cant get through an isekai without an antagonist 🤣🤣

  2. Kardelune

    I knew it! I smelled her coming a mile away! That stink of conniving villainess in love with the ML and about to try and trick him into choosing her. I really want Chizuru to take a stand and say “Back off! He’s mine!” lol
    Then again she won’t want Lukrov to have to fight again.
    Not to put pressure on the translator, but now I’m dying to see what comes next >o<

    1. Leila

      Knowing Chizuru’s personality thats unlikely altho Im sure all of us want that to happen xDD
      Working on the next chapter as fast as I can. should be up tonight

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