Only With Your Heart Chapter 55

Translated by Leila 

~Lady X (2)~

Please, Marry, Me──.

Chizuru’s world suddenly became pitch black in an instant, she felt as if the blood was drawn from her body.

‘What is that person saying …?’

‘Marriage? with who?’

‘With Lukrov?!’

Her heart started beating strongly and the her shivering made it hard to breathe.

she took a step back, however, her legs got tangled, and she stumbled on her heels, hitting the floor which caused a loud noise.

Lukrov, Nadal, Roan, and the women called Lady Exia turned around in the direction of Chizuru with a surprise, but it was Lady Exia that was extremely surprised and opened her eyes stunned.

“Who are you? It’s not polite to overhear people’s conversations.”

She had a high-pitched voice and a quick way of speaking that matched her flashy appearance.

Moreover, her tone is arrogant, for a person who suddenly visited at midnight and questioning human beings in the castle who appears. Originally, Chizuru should have the right to ask who you are first.

However, if she is already close to Lukrov and has visited this castle many times, it may be a different story. Chizuru, who noticed it, turned deep blue and turned her back on the Lukrovs and tried to leave the hall.


It was Roan who shouted her name.

However, a few seconds later, a strong hand grabbed her and she looked back to see who was the one holding her back

it was Lukrov standing there.

” let go of me …”

Chizuru managed to say resistance words, but she knew that she couldn’t compete with his power.

Lukrov looked down at her with a stern look and took a breathes before saying

“Don’t get the situation wrong. She’s just a guest. There’s no meaning for whatever she says she jus …”

Lukrov was trying to continue the explanation, but Chizuru was upset and didn’t feel like listening anymore. He said a word that made her chest feel like she was hit with a bow.



Just the same as her…….

“Then isn’t she the same as me! Did Arde tell a lie? Did she used to use the room I was in before I came?”

The sound of rain echoing from the outside was heavy, and perhaps Chizuru’s suppressed cry did not reach other people’s hearing.

She thought it was okay to ask at least.

Lukrov’s jet-black eyes became darker as if there is a way for darkness to become darker, and he was irritated and just kept staring at Chizuru.

He bit his jaw like a beast trying to growl a warning. The grip that held Chizuru’s hand became stronger and it started to hurt.

It wasn’t a very good situation

But even Chizuru has a heart.

No matter how much she thought it is okay to be with Lukrov even if all he wants is her body, even she knows that she is responsible for leaving lukrov alone for fourteen years, But what is painful is painful, what hurts does hurt, and she hates what she hates.

“Release me… it hurts”

When Chizuru pleaded, Lukrov made a regrettable look and loosened his hand. However, his gaze remained stuck to Chizuru and did not make a slight movement.

“No other woman has ever used that room. No other person.”

In a low voice full of pain, Lukrov swore so.

It must have been a line to calm Chizuru. He is a knight who values honor, She doesn’t think that he will lie in such a thing. However, Chizuru became rather sad.

Lukrov never denied the word that Chizuru is a “guest”.

Even if he shows affection with his whole body, he does not express it clearly in words.

She became frustrated when she was forced to realize that again.

” … there are so many other places they could’ve stayed in …”

Chizuru argued unintentionally in distress.

Lukrov’s expression became even darker, and Chizuru was immediately enveloped in regret, but there was no way out. Chizuru couldn’t be relieved until she hears some definitive words. Conversely, if Lukrov said “it”, Chizuru would have forgiven him all and believed all his words.

Maybe Lukrov can also feels it from Chizuru’s eyes.

However, the following line of Lukrov was also symbolic.

“If you could see how I’ve lived in the last fourteen years, you wouldn’t be able to say that …”

I Knew it..She knew.. and She believed it 

However, Chizuru was just a normal woman, and a beautiful woman was begging him for marriage standing right there, and she was sad and hurt. she really needed clear words from him.

(I Love you) just this one word is enough. *

That’s all you need … that’s all you need!

*(TL: I love you in Japanese is a one-word symbol 愛)


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