Only With Your Heart Chapter 56

Translated by Leila 

I love you(1)

Chizuru was brought back to her sense, shook off Lukrov’s hand and ran away.

 She ran through the corridor with such a force that she didn’t even know she could run so fast.

When she entered the kitchen, she headed straight to the small door leading to the outside.

She was suffocated and wanted to breathe the outside air.

It didn’t matter if it rained She felt that it was even better.

She wanted to wash away the tears that were about to overflow when she gets wet under the rain.

The thick wooden door was only opened from the inside, and when Chizuru pushed it up by force, it opened easily, and she was able to go outside.

The rain at night was stronger than she expected, and the cold wind that pierced her skin blew strongly.

The cloak she wore was almost useless at this moment , she only had light sleeping wear underneath it and it was so cold.

Still, Chizuru went through the wet dark path. The ground was muddy, it had already absorbed the rain and became soft, so she almost immediately slipped and fell forward.

She fall with her knees and hand in the mud which lightened the fall but soon she felt frustrated and her tears started overflowing.

Why did she go back to Japan at that time?

Even though she knew it was for her grandmother, Chizuru was swallowed up by a whirlpool of deep regret and became so bitter that she could not even breathe.

Lukrov was kind.

Lukrov was passionate

Lukrov protected and loved Chizuru at all times.

No matter how open they are, they may not be able to return to those days. There was a fourteen-year period in which Lukrov did not know anything about Chizuru, and he suffered a deep wound in his heart and began to distance Chizuru from him.

At that time, the words of love that came out from Lukrov’s mouth so naturally while now it only feels so distance and heavy.


Maybe it’s just the fact that she was in her period that made her so sensitive and full of emotions. However, Chizuru started crying and sobbing like a child.

She wanted to get wet in the rain and to become the rain itself, melt, turn the sand into mud, and disappear.

She can think of Lukrov going up to the altar with Lady Exia and kissing her after they make their vows.

While she has to watch it from the shadow on a corner seat…..



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