Only With Your Heart Chapter 57

Only With Your Heart Chapter 57

I love you(2)

“Chizuru, stand up! If you’re in a place like this, your body temperature will drop, and you’ll catch a cold!”

Suddenly, she heard Lukrov’s cry in her ear, and she felt him hug her back tightly. Lukrov immediately lifted Chizuru off the ground and made her stand, turned her around, and wrapped her face with both his hands.

“… Lukrov…”

Chizuru muttered in a frightened voice, but Lukrov shook his head.

“You’re the only one for me,” he said.

“Chizuru, you are always the only one. You can’t imagine what I’ve done to look for you for fourteen years. And then…”

Lukrov trailed off and brought his face closer to Chizuru.

His face was wet and seemed quite pale with suffering and anxiety even in the dark.

“And you don’t know how scared I was when I lost sight of you again … you don’t know.”

Chizuru gasped and shook her head slightly.

She gently took his cold, wet hand and brought it to her cheeks so he could feel her warmth.

“Do you want my words? Do you want to hear my true intentions? If so, promise me only once, and all of me will be yours. Swear that you will fulfil your promise.” Lukrov pleaded.

Both Lukrov and Chizuru quivered. And it wasn’t just because of the cold.

Now, the thick wall that stood between the two was about to collapse with a noise.

Beyond that, the hope was certainly not the only thing. It was not just a dream, it was a long, long road that was not just about love, but also included suffering and anxiety.


Chizuru couldn’t stop her tears and nodded once at Lukrov’s plea.

Lukrov bent over, brought their foreheads together, and whispered in a faint voice, “Never disappear from my sight again. Never leave me again. Swear to be by my side for the rest of my life until I take my last breath.”

Chizuru nodded again and whispered a little, “Yes.”

“Absolutely. Never again.” He repeated.

“Yeah. I’ll never leave you again…”

“Promise me. Swear, and keep that oath. Otherwise, I can’t move on…”

“I will,” she answered.

“Promise me…” he pleaded yet again.

Chizuru nodded over and over again. Lukrov’s persistent plea was surely a testament to his anxiety and intensity of his wounds. So Chizuru gently nodded each time Lukrov repeated the same words.

Then Lukrov kissed Chizuru’s lips violently.

Despite the kiss’s violent and devouring nature that took her breath away, Lukrov gave Chizuru courage at the same time. 

After an endless kiss under the cold rain, the two broke apart and stared at each other, panting.

“I love you. From the moment we first met, until now, this feeling has never changed. I love you.”

The night rain wet Lukrov’s lips and their cloaks fluttered with the wind.

Chizuru nodded and kept staring at Lukrov. She blinked her eyes, which were difficult to keep open due to the heavy rain.

“Me too…”

“You said I wasn’t going to get married, didn’t you? That feeling remains the same now. I’m not going to marry that woman. You know why?” Lukrov asked.

This time Chizuru shook her head.

Then Lukrov moved Chizuru’s hair behind her ears. The movement was so gentle that it made her spine tremble with joy. It became difficult for her to stand.

Lukrov firmly grasped both of Chizuru’s arms and gazed at her fervently.

“In my heart, you’re already my wife. For the ten years I was looking for you, for the four years I thought I’d given up, and for the last month, I’ve been lying to myself that I don’t love you anymore… For me, you were already my companion, and no matter what you think, this fact will not change until I die.”

Chizuru was rendered speechless and was so stunned that she didn’t know how to answer.

‘This is … I’ve never heard of such a fierce, raw, and straightforward confession. So I don’t even know how to answer it.’

“Lukrov …” was all she could manage.

Lukrov hugged Chizuru tightly and in a gritty voice, but gently, continued. “Come on, let’s go back to the room. I don’t want you to catch a cold where I promised I’ll never leave you.”

“But that person …” she trailed off.

“Leave it alone for now. Roan will deal with her. Let’s go back to my room to warm you up and explain the situation.”

Although his cloak was so wet that it should have been heavy, Lukrov lightly carried Chizuru in his arms. Both exhaling breaths raised white steam while the two huddled together.

The rain continued to fall, but Chizuru was no longer concerned about the sound and the cold.



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