Only With Your Heart Chapter 60

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Scent of rain 

That night, Chizuru only slept for a few hours. Once the sun started to show on the horizon, she woke up immediately.

The droplets of water that gathered on the window, the morning sun which shone brightly, the scent of air after the rain, and the sound of rain coming from outside the castle — everything felt different that morning.

The castle was also quieter than usual.

Chizuru softly blinked her eyes as she enjoyed the warmth of the man who was spooning her.

Spooning her was almost like a habit of Lukrov. She couldn’t even remember a time when they didn’t sleep in this position. She enjoyed this position the most. Although she couldn’t see his face as soon as she woke up and it was hard to move around, it was nothing compared to the pleasure she got from waking up in his embrace while enjoying the morning scenery.

She started to look at the area around her. Lukrov’s master bedroom, which she entered for the first time last night, looked different. Of course, she entered it when it was dark and now it was bright because of the morning sun.

The room had the same stone built as the rest of the castle, but it was big. It was almost five times larger than Chizuru’s room. Surprisingly it had only a few ornaments, minimal furniture, a large fireplace, a four-poster bed, and a display of armor and weapons that dominated one corner of the room.

Although the room didn’t make you feel much life and warmth, it was the only room where two ceramic candlesticks sat on the mantelpiece of the fireplace.

It was a beautiful place that was not flashy but had a high sense of elegance. A fine geometric pattern in dark blue on a white background decorated the room.

It was one of the things Chizuru chose on the night of the festival during the welcoming party for Roan.

Chizuru bit her lips while she held her breath. She could feel the inner corners of her eyes start to feel hot.

How could she doubt Lukrov’s love for her? Even for a moment?

Even if he did not phrase it using words, even with his cold attitude on the surface, and even with the rough embraces he gave her. The proof of his affection for her was evident in every corner of the castle. She felt it and wanted to believe it all along. Finally, she could truly believe it from the bottom of her heart.

Although they settled the matter last night, she still thought that her act was embarrassing.

Chizuru moved gently in order not to disturb his sleep and brought her left hand in front of her face. She stared at her ring finger crowned with the gold ring he put on her last night.

The gold ring did not have any jewels embedded with it, however, it had a detailed lace pattern engraved in it. It was similar to the Celtic style.

The delicate engraving on the ring made it clear that the ring was the handiwork of a very skilled goldsmith. It most likely took a long time and a lot of effort to make it and was quite expensive for the young Lukrov.

Recalling the story she had heard from Roan, that Lukrov had bowed his head asking him for help, Chizuru felt tears start to gather in the corner of her eyes.


“What happened? Don’t you like it?”

The faint voice of Lukrov, who just woke up, tickled Chizuru’s ears.

Chizuru tried to look at him and answered with a smile on her face.

“No … it’s just so beautiful … It fascinated me last night and I didn’t realize it had such a fine and lovely pattern.”

“Do you like it?”

Lukrov’s voice was somewhat satisfied, and Chizuru smiled.

“Of course. Even if you ask me to hand it back now, I won’t return it anymore.”

“That will be a problem.”

Lukrov held Chizuru’s body and made her face him and said, “It seems that my bride is quite greedy. I have to remember that.”

The low and masculine voice made pleasure run around Chizuru’s whole body. She trembled slightly from hearing his words.

‘My bride.’

Yes, last night, Chizuru said yes to Lukrov’s proposal in a heartbeat. So that really happened…

Although she knew it, it didn’t feel real. She just realized it when he addressed her with that title.

This handsome, strong man who smiles in front of her will become her husband. She will live her life with him, perhaps even start a family. It would be strange if she didn’t feel that way.

“It’s really beautiful … Thank you. But I’m sorry that I can’t give you anything back.”

Chizuru said while trying to release herself from his arms. Lukrov reacted quickly by embracing her even tighter. He then placed his lips around her neck and whispered in her ears.

“If you want to give me something back, we have plenty of time in the future to spend in bed.”

Lukrov laughed while Chizuru turned bright red.


I just keep remembering the fact that he had the ring sewn into his cloth for all these years.. just

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