Only With Your Heart Chapter 61

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New perspective (1)

After enjoying a sweet morning together, Chizuru changed her dress to a new one and went down to the dining room with Lukrov.

Although she was prepared for the time being to go down, Chizuru, who had just spent a very happy time, needed to face her current reality, the not so appreciated reality with the name of Lady Exia.

“Good morning, Lukrov-sama. I was worried when you suddenly disappeared last night.”

Said Lady Exia, with her shimmering blonde curly hair neatly tied above her head. She was dressed in a gorgeous dark green dress that emphasized her slender, long neck, and allowed herself to take the seat right next to Lukrov’s upper seat right in front of Chizuru’s eyes.

Chizuru thought inside her heart, ‘Is her heart so narrow that she feels provocation?’

No, that wasn’t the case. That blonde lady was holding a clear goal, and she would not give Lukrov up so easily.

Lady Exia looked a little older than Chizuru, with big blue eyes, a thin, pointed nose, and thin lips. She displayed the perfect image of a pampered daughter of a noble family and held a high level of pride that was clear from every bit of her behaviour.

Even excluding the fact that she asked to marry Lukrov, Chizuru thought to herself that she wouldn’t have liked her anyway.


Lady Exia, who sat next to Lukrov, held a silver glass of wine next to her mouth as if trying to seduce Lukrov in a bewitching gesture, while fully ignoring the existence of Chizuru as if on purpose.

Unfortunately, Roan wasn’t here yet.

Lukrov reached out to Chizuru, who had a stiff shoulder, and spoke in a clear tone to Lady Exia.

“Lady Exia. This is Chizuru, my fiancée.”

Lady Exia’s hand that was holding the silver glass suddenly froze.

The beautiful smiling blue eyes turned terribly cold and cruel and glanced at Chizuru with hostility. As a courtesy, Chizuru bent her knees lightly and bowed her head slightly.

Of course, Lady Exia ignored the greeting.

“Did you just say, fiancée?”

Chizuru became more and more uncomfortable with the cold voice of Lady Exia.

Lady Exia was the only daughter of his political opponent. No matter how much Lukrov chose Chizuru, she didn’t think it was okay to make her angry. She didn’t want to put Lukrov’s position at a disadvantage.

Therefore, Chizuru kept silent.

“That’s right, Lady Exia. I’m going to have a wedding before winter, which means I can’t respond to your proposal last night … I think Roan has already told you that.”

“Sure, Duke Roan said that, but I couldn’t believe it until I heard it coming from your mouth.”

“Now you know.”


On the surface, Lady Exia was calmly interacting with Lukrov.

Chizuru wasn’t familiar with psychology, but Lady Exia was angry, although her pride was just too high to show it in public.

She was sure that if Lady Exia had the chance, she would jump on her and scratch her wholeheartedly with her trimmed nails that were as sharp as cat claws.

As evidence, the lady’s hand was quivering.

Lady Exia turned her piercing gaze toward Chizuru and slowly muttered with a low voice

“Yes … I understand. I’m very sorry. I believed that my plan would definitely bring peace to this land.”

Lukrov replied while bringing Chizuru’s hand to his chest.

“There seems to be some disagreement about that topic, but thank you for your suggestions, Lady Exia.”

Then he brought Chizuru’s hand near his lips and kissed the back of it and continued. “When the weather gets better, I will prepare a carriage to take you back to your father’s castle. Until then, I hope you’ll have a relaxing stay in this castle.”

Lady Exia’s hostile and harsh gaze still stuck to Chizuru.

“Yes, it would be great if you could do that.”

The tone of her voice was unnaturally soft, which made Chizuru feel her malicious intent.

Regardless, Lukrov and Chizuru sat down to eat their meal.



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