Only With Your Heart Chapter 62

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New perspective (2)

Lukrov and Chizuru sat down to eat their meal. Shortly after, Lady Exia stood up to excuse herself, saying she was tired before she quickly left the dining room.

Lukrov didn’t even try to hold her back, and of course, Chizuru didn’t feel like doing that either.

Nadal appeared from somewhere and started to serve the meal to Lukrov and Chizuru. The servant boy grinned as he poured wine into Lukrov’s cup.

“I was worried last night, but it seems that you made up properly.”

Lukrov raised one eyebrow at the boy to warn him.

“I didn’t make any mistake. Lady Exia caused the marriage fuss alone.”

“But it’s not a pleasant thing for Chizuru-sama. Besides, I’ve never heard Lukrov-sama call Chizuru-sama your fiancée in public. Well, even if you didn’t say that, I think everyone saw it coming.”

With that said, Nadal winked at Chizuru.

Chizuru’s face became dyed in sardine red.

Even Nadal, a young boy, understood the true feelings of Lukrov.

Lukrov deliberately ignored Nadal’s point and ordered him to, “Bring water to Chizuru.”

Nadal smiled and answered, “Yes, yes,” and disappeared toward the kitchen.

“I have to re-discipline him,” Lukrov said in a sarcastic tone, but he didn’t seem to be angry.

Chizuru smiled and felt his hand reach towards her under the table and stroke her thighs.

“Can you do this while complaining about that child’s discipline …?”

“I put up with it last night. If I don’t do this much at least, I won’t be able to hold myself back later.”

Chizuru thought back to last night. She even imagined Lukrov after he had become “unstoppable” and her face turned redder.

Lukrov’s hand gradually invaded the insides of Chizuru’s thigh and slowly approached her sensitive part.

“Lu … krov …”

A suppressed and saddened voice leaked from Chizuru’s lips.

Lukrov, on the other hand, slid his fingers even deeper while a devilish smile was drawn on his face as if he was enjoying her reactions.

“How is it?”

“We are in public!”

The seat where Lady Exia sat and the seat next to Chizuru were both vacant. Nadal was in the kitchen, and there was no other person in the dining room. But still, if anyone were to pass by they would immediately notice what was happening.

Chizuru stared at Lukrov with begging eyes.

She almost understood what he was about to say, “What are you looking at me for? Do you want me to stop or give you more pleasure? I won’t really understand if you don’t say it properly.”

“Lukrov …”

“A middle-aged man who is crazy in love and acts so shamelessly in the early mornings is unsightly, Lukrov.”

The voice of Roan came from behind, and Chizuru came back to reality. Looking back in a hurry, Roan was dressed lightly and had his hand on the back of Chizuru’s chair. He had a bright smile on his face.

Lukrov snapped his tongue and complained.

“Who is middle-aged?”

“Oh, just a few days ago you were saying things about being too old and now you are saying what?”

The big red-haired man ignored Lukrov’s dissatisfied complaint and continued to smile at Chizuru. “… But I have to say, congratulations, Chizuru? It’s just like when it rains it pours.”


With her head still feeling drowsy she followed the line of sight of Roan to her hand. He noticed her ring finger. A beautiful gold ring that didn’t exist until last night was shining and Roan was congratulating her on it.

Even after seeing that embarrassing scene, Chizuru nodded with a smile. Roan took the seat next to Chizuru with a satisfying smile.

When Nadal returned from the kitchen and handed a jug of water to Chizuru, he began to talk with Lukrov.

In the meantime, Roan secretly whispered to Chizuru.

“Didn’t I say that he definitely still had it?”

“You did.”

Chizuru remembered when Lukrov took out the ring.

He had hidden the ring inside his shirt and next to his chest.

He kept the ring right next to his heart.

Chizuru couldn’t stop her chest from getting hot just by thinking about what that act meant.

She was still worried about Lady Exia.

Rather than feel relieved, the fact that she left her seat so quickly only made her more anxious. But in order to protect this feeling, even Chizuru could fight fearlessly.


She had no intention of losing him.

Not to Exia.

Not to anyone.



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