Only With Your Heart Chapter 64

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Confronting (1)

Heavy grey clouds covered the sky, and large raindrops were constantly wetting the ground and turning it into a muddy mess.

There was almost no sign that the weather would recover any time soon. It was almost noon, and Chizuru was looking out the window with disappointment in her eyes.

“Chizuru-sama, what’s wrong? Let’s play with the ball!”

Noah pulled the hem of her dress. Chizuru snapped out of her daze when someone called out to her.

Glittering light blue eyes mysteriously stared at Chizuru. She looked around her and saw children who could not go out because of the heavy rain running around noisily. Chizuru smiled while scolding herself that she should not forget about her surroundings and go deep into her thoughts.

“I’m sorry. I was a little drowsy. Do you want to play ball with me?”


“Then, come on. Let’s play. Is there anyone else who wants to join us in playing ball?”

When Chizuru raised her voice toward the other children in the room, and a few came. A child who was around the same age as Noah and a slightly younger child rushed happily towards them.

The essential ball was not one with a perfect shape. It was a little distorted, and it did not bounce back too much, yet the children were still playing with Chizuru happily.

Chizuru had so much fun playing with the children that she almost forgot about the misery called Lady Exia.

Chizuru suddenly remembered that she used to dream of becoming a kindergarten teacher. It was a dream that she gave up on it when she decided not to go on to college but was now doing something similar in a different world, in the castle of the man she loves.

Moreover, she was going to marry him soon.

It was not easy to survive fate, and sometimes she almost lost hope, but in the end, humans can fulfil their dreams in unexpected ways. It was a strange thing.

The rest was nothing to worry about. It would be nice if only Lady Exia returned to her home.

However, before lunch, Chizuru was walking along the corridor in the castle with Arde, who came to pick her up and was met with harsh reality again. 

Lady Exia was standing by a dim wall, alone, without a single servant around her.

Before Chizuru could even notice her, Lady Exia was already staring at Chizuru with hatred-filled eyes. Even Chizuru, who was not particularly sharp, could immediately tell that it was an ambush rather than a coincidental meeting… Such an outright challenging gaze was directed at her.

But when Lady Exia stepped out in the middle of the aisle, Chizuru was ready for her.

Even so, when Lady Exia quickly advanced to the middle of the aisle, she said, “Oh, hello. It’s such a coincidence that we meet in a place like this.”   *tl: yeah right :^)

Chizuru was not the type of person who immediately hated or held malicious feelings for anyone. However, Lady Exia gave her strange feelings from the beginning.

Still, Chizuru did not feel like starting a fight from the beginning, so Chizuru answered as politely as possible.

“Yes, it’s a coincidence. I’m heading to the cafeteria now, would you like to join me for lunch?”

Lady Exia snorted.

“I have to talk to you before that. I’d be happy if you could send your maid away.”

Lady Exia was referring to Arde while keeping her proud tone. Arde frowned unpleasantly but from her standpoint, she couldn’t refuse and had to wait for Chizuru to react to Lady Exia’s request.

‘Have more confidence in yourself! Be firm! After I marry Lukrov, I will be the hostess of this castle whether she likes it or not. Don’t be distraught!’

Chizuru kept saying words of encouragement to herself which helped her straighten her spine and maintain a high level of dignity.

“Okay. Arde, please head to the cafeteria first. I’ll talk to Lady Exia as we walk.”

“But Chizuru-sama …”

“It’s okay. Can you inform Lukrov that I might be a little late?”

Chizuru intended to show a smile to reassure Arde as much as possible. But she did not seem to be very successful in her act to reassure Arde as the anxious expression remained. Still, the maid could not argue in front of a guest. After a moment of hesitation, Arde bowed her head and left while saying, “Alright, excuse me.”

and there stood Chizuru and Exia, waiting for who will attack first


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