Only With Your Heart Chapter 65

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Confronting (2)

After that, Chizuru and Lady Exia were left alone in the corridor, which was dim due to the heavy rain.

Chizuru regretted agreeing to her request already, but she couldn’t back down now.

Chizuru looked at Lady Exia and started the conversation while keeping her tone as firm as possible.

“What is the thing you wanted to talk about? We could have talked in the dining room without the need to wait in such a place.”

Before answering, Lady Exia scanned Chizuru from head to toe with an unpleasant gaze while folding her arm in front of her chest.

“I heard a rumor from a servant.”

A triumphant smile was floating in Lady Exia’s cold light blue eyes.

“The Duke Lukrov used to call you a ‘guest’ during your stay. He suddenly started proclaiming you as his fiancée this morning. It’s like an excuse to avoid my marriage proposal. Isn’t it like that?”

If words could stab people, that was exactly the thing that this single line of Lady Exia made Chizuru feel. The pain piercing her chest almost made her want to raise her voice.

But … Lady Exia didn’t know anything.

She knows nothing about the history between Lukrov and Chizuru and the depth of their feelings.

‘Don’t be fooled by such provoking words…’ Chizuru thought and held both hands tightly to help her endure.

“It may look like that, but it’s all a coincidence.”

Chizuru replied resolutely.

But Lady Exia didn’t even flinch. She only continued to provoke Chizuru.

“I know you want to think so because more than a few women dream of being the wife of a man like Lukrov and being called the Duchess.”

“What do you mean?”

“You don’t seem to have a status fit to be a Duke’s wife. He might take an interest in you now because of your unusual look, but I don’t think of you as a good marriage partner for the Duke.”

If this was coming from a normal-looking woman it might have been a little easier for Chizuru to stay calm. However, the woman in front of her was a stunning beauty with shiny blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was the only daughter coming from a Count family, and unlike Chizuru who only spends her time taking care of children, this woman had flawless hair and was wearing a luxurious dress.

Anger… and shame… made Chizuru feel as if all the blood in her body was about to boil over.

Still, she managed to stay calm somehow and made a clear statement.

“It’s not up to you to decide. It’s Lukrov’s decision.”

“I’m just advising you since we’re both women. I’m sure that Lukrov is just using you as a temporary escape… Well, even if you really intend to get married, you’ll regret it later.”

That was when Lady Exia approached Chizuru and spoke softly to her ear, “Hey, I’m a woman with a big heart … I don’t mind if my husband has one or two mistresses. You can give up the wife’s seat to me, and you can continue to live comfortably as a mistress. I don’t know how detailed Lukrov explained to you, but we had a relationship in the past. It would benefit you to keep that in mind.”

Chizuru opened her mouth, but unexpectedly, words of denial did not come out. Lady Exia continued to whisper that it was best for the peace of the territory and to mind the difference in the status between them.

Lady Exia’s words slowly ran around Chizuru’s whole body like some kind of poison, numbing her nerves. She had an unpleasant ringing in her ears, and her head shook as if she had anemia.

Lady Exia smiled with satisfaction and turned around, leaving Chizuru stunned on the spot.

Chizuru stood there while listening to the sharp sound of Lady Exia’s shoes echoing in the dim stone corridor as she gradually moved away.



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