Only With Your Heart Chapter 66

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Reassurance (1)

Chizuru could not move from her spot for a while. She snapped out of her daze when she heard a harsh thunderstorm.

Before she knew it, the rain was heavier, and the creepy sound of thunder echoed throughout the castle. Chizuru started to get scared from standing alone in the middle of the corridor.

She thought to herself,

‘Are the heavens siding with Lady Exia as well?’

Chizuru closed her eyes and firmly shook her head. She then lifted the hem of her dress and hurried in the direction of the dining room.

Believing the lies told by Lady Exia was not a wise move as she clearly held malicious intent towards her. Additionally, if she was serious about marrying Lukrov, it would be no wonder she was doing everything to get between them.

Even if it was as she said and they used to have some kind of “relationship” in the past, that was all it could be, a past relationship… Lukrov was separated from Chizuru for fourteen years. She could not blame him if he had a relationship with someone once or twice.


Chizuru hurried through the corridor. She soon made her way to the main tower of the castle where the dining room was.

She did not cry. But no matter how much she tried to shake it off, she just could not erase the thought of Lukrov holding a beautiful blonde woman in his arms.

She felt pain in her heart, and her chest tightened.

She wanted to see Lukrov as soon as possible.

She wanted to be reassured by him.

When she arrived at the dining room, she noticed that many people had already gathered and were having a lively lunch.

Due to the rainstorm outside, many candles were lit on the candlesticks even though it was daytime.

The scent of wax, wine, and food filled the spacious dining room, and people’s chatter mixed with the sound of rain.

Lukrov was there in his usual seat.

He was talking with Roan who was sitting across Chizuru’s vacant seat and had a serious face. Thankfully, at first glance, Lady Exia did not seem to be there yet.

Lukrov hair was slightly damp, probably because he was outside with the knights when it was raining. The dampness made his shiny dark hair look even darker.

His manly eyebrows, deeply carved eyes, and lips reflected the strong will of the owner.

Chizuru’s nervous body relaxed when she laid her eyes on the figure of the man she loved.

Lukrov noticed the existence of Chizuru standing at the entrance of the dining room. He stood up and quickly strode to her. When he was in front of her, he spoke.

“I was thinking of coming to pick you up if you were a little later. What happened?”

A big hand touched Chizuru’s face while his deep set of black eyes looked at her. Chizuru felt her heartbeat quicken.

“Uh, yeah… Did Arde tell you that I will be late and had asked her to go first?”

“Yeah, that woman suddenly stopped you.”

‘That woman.’

His way of addressing Lady Exia showed some disrespect toward her, but at the same time, it sounded somewhat casual and friendly. It also might have just been Chizuru’s way of thinking.

However, anxiety was a monster that she could not control.



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