Only With Your Heart Chapter 67

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Reassurance (2) 

In the large dining room, the two of them were conversing near the entrance.

“We just talked a little bit … everything is fine.”

Chizuru smiled, but Lukrov wrinkled his eyebrows and tilted his head down.

“You look pale. Do you feel sick anywhere?”

“Oh, I’m okay. Maybe I’m a little anemic since it’s a rainy day.”

Lukrov nodded, slightly convinced, then helped Chizuru by putting his hand on her back and led her to her usual seat. The seat that was right next to his.

She felt a momentary relief in even the small gesture.

Chizuru sat in the chair.

Roan, who was sitting across her, looked into her face and frowned exaggeratedly.

“Have you been scratched by that fox, Chizuru? You have to fight back, or it will only get to her head.”

Although she did not know who was listening, Chizuru burst into laughter at what Roan said when he did even bother to lower his voice.

Calling her a fox was not strange at all. Certainly, she could feel that Lady Exia held the same vibes as a sly fox.

Chizuru shrugged and whispered.

“She doesn’t seem to like the relationship between Lukrov and me.”

“That’s right. No matter how lightly she had been treated, there was no shadow of another woman in Lukrov’s life so far. Even though she came here with confidence, imagine her coming and finding a cute fiancé sitting next to him. “

Chizuru felt shy about how Roan worded the matter.

“But she’s more beautiful than me.”

“At first glance, you might feel that way because she’s flashy. But if you look closely, you’ll see how rough her features look, which will only make you feel uncomfortable. First of all, her neck is too long, and her nose is too thin. Her skin is rough. She almost looks like a horse to me.”

Before Chizuru could laugh over what Roan said, she heard a small laugh next to her. It seemed that Nadal, who brought her meal, was eavesdropping from the side. He only let out a burst of small laughter, but he kept on grinning every time he looked at Roan.

Right then, Roan straightened his sitting posture and held his back straight to the back of the chair, and then he continued.

“But Chizuru, you’re the total opposite. Even if you are not as flashy as her, when one looks at you they can’t take their eyes off you. Your delicate, fine skin, small and pretty nose, round big black eyes, delicate figure… Your being as a whole is like an aphrodisiac that slowly poisons any man.”

After an unpleasant conversation with Lady Exia, Chizuru felt ticklish and was happy to receive such compliments, even if it was a compliment from a friend.

She smiled while saying, “Thank you.”

She was interrupted by Lukrov’s arm suddenly pulling her from the side.

“Would you stop hitting on my woman?”

Roan laughed happily at Lukrov. On the other hand, Lukrov was being deadly serious and made a scary face while adding overprotective power to the hand that held Chizuru’s shoulder.

“I’m proud to say that it’s my mission to calm any depressed woman.”

Roan showed a playful smile to Chizuru and began to pretend to concentrate on the roasted meat on the plate in front of him.

When she felt that the tension had eased, she turned her eyes back to Lukrov. He was looking down at Chizuru.

His gaze was so serious that she could only ask him about it, so she smiled, “What’s wrong?”

“Don’t go find comfort in other guys’ compliments. I will inspect you carefully to let you know how attractive you are.”

Lukrov took a section of Chizuru’s hair and held it closer to his face. He then placed a light kiss on her hair while looking straight into her eyes, and whispered in a low voice. 

“In bed…”

Before she could reply, he straightened his face and started giving some instructions to Nadal.

Chizuru tried to concentrate on her meal with a face as red as a sardine. She squeezed the hem of her skirt while having a large smile drawn on her face.

Lukrov was not a man who made jokes about something like this. She was sure he was serious about what he said about inspecting her. It was easy to imagine what would happen in bed that night. Embraced in his strong arms, loved in every inch of her body, having a dreamy night full of hot and sweet words…

Although she had a simple mental structure, the anxiety she had felt in her conversation with Lady Exia was fading and disappearing.

‘It will be alright. It’s okay. I won’t be fooled by that person’s lies!’



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