Only With Your Heart Chapter 68

TL: Leila

Editor: QianMin
Proofread: Karen
her melancholy (1)
As the day went by, the rain continued throughout the afternoon and the evening, and the heavy sky stayed the same all day.
Along with the rain that was falling relentlessly, the wind was so strong that they could even hear it from inside the castle, even Chizuru knew that it is not possible to send the daughter of a count like Exia to her home under these circumstances.
By then Chizuru noticed that it was almost time for Lukrov to show up.
She was in a state of unease while she combed her hair while sitting on the edge of the bed in her own room.
It is not that she wasn’t comfortable going to Lukrov’s room, but she is still embarrassed to be going in and out freely like that, and due to the inconvenience of being on her menstruation she thought it would be better if she took it easy tonight.
Surely, if she asks Lukrov about the matter he will explain it properly.
Thinking that everything Exia said was a lie because she held malicious intent for her was reassuring.
But it would seem as though she doesn’t believe Lukrov, nevertheless, she was on her menstruation and the slightest words could make her unstable.
She decided to not ask him tonight and accuse him of things that are most likely lies by Exia and hurt him on the way
Maybe that was the aim of lady Exia to make her argue with Lukrov
Whenever she returns to her home I can just tell him casually that she said things like that, just random chat, that would be alright wouldn’t it?  She thought to herself.
Due to the unusual rainy day that was filled with emotion, Chizuru told herself that it will be alright for the time being.
Then while still sitting on the bed, she looked outside her window and stared at the rain droplets that are racing to reach the bottom, and started thinking about the events that happened to start with the first day she set her foot on this world after 14 years.
The first thing that happened is that she got lost in the forest.
Then the days in the worn-down house when she was taken away by Rodolgo and his wife,
Her reunion with Lukrov while he was wearing armour
His harsh refusal.
The physical relationship that she had with him who was forceful and passionate.
Her reunion with Roan and the night of the festival,
Lukrov’s confession under the rain,
It was a short time but so many events took place.
Discouraged, hurt, regained hope, exposed to emotional waves…
All of it was like an intense ride of a roller coaster.
It was probably the same for Lukrov as well.
It will be a good idea to stay quiet in this room tonight, even the smallest wind of doubt will only cause his passion to explode.
After she reached this conclusion, she lifted her feet from the ground and adjusted her body and covered herself with the sheets.
The door of the room was opened forcefully without a knock, a tall shadow came in.
“Lukrov! What happened? Why the rush?”
Lukrov who was patrolling around the inside of the castle and was supposed to be late returned to the bedroom earlier than expected, just because the guards were slow on rainy nights. Chizuru lifted the sheets from her body and fixed her sitting and waited for him to approach
But.. Why?
The closer he was, the darker and stiffer his eyes looked.
“Lu.. Lukrov …?”


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