Only With Your Heart – Extra 2

The Past – Extra

Lukrov ── Four and a half years ago, in the woods near the border.

When he turned down to the surface of the lake to wash his face, he met the bloody devil and Lukrov stiffened his cheeks. Her hair is messy and stiff here and there, and her eyes, which have begun to have fine wrinkles on the corners of her eyes, are dark and muddy. It took me a few seconds to realize that it was my face on the surface of the water.

Lukrov hurriedly submerged his face in the water and washed his face, hair and neck while rubbing his hands roughly.

The refreshing and cold water stimulated the tired skin to pierce, and the disturbed heartbeat gradually regained calm. When I raised my face, my vision finally opened and my consciousness became clearer.

There has never been such a difficult battle.

Many of the orders from the King were always dirty enough to make you want to vomit on the spot, but not only difficult targets, Lukrov has always followed quietly. It is already known that the King has taken the trouble to choose such a mission and give it to Lukrov.

However, this time it was different.

The general directive is to annihilate a group of disturbing molecules, which are said to be hidden in a deep and vast forest that stretches for a long time on the border with the neighboring country. It was to be sent.

The mission was being carried out in secret, and due to its nature, it was not possible to put in a large army. Lukrov entered the forest in question with only himself, two hand-crafted knights, and a dozen infantrymen.

However, there, he soon understood his true intentions-the king just wanted to kill Lukrov.

Lukrov already knows too much about the dark part of the king. And for almost a decade, it’s no longer a secret that he’s begun to dislike Lukrov, who stubbornly keeps the same demands forever.

The disturbing molecules in the example were rigorously trained in combat and were tough, and the number was less than 200. A group of less than 20 Lukrov, including those who know this forest and have an overwhelming advantage of the land, cannot compete. On the contrary, now that we have already entered the depths of the forest, we must say that if we can return alive, we must say that it is a character.

They were cornered, and after a bloody death battle that lost two infantry, they managed to escape from their lives.

Lukrov was so strong that a dull sound could be heard around him, and he bruxed his teeth.

At that time.

“Lukrov … I think it’s better to withdraw now this time.”

Lukrov slowly raised his face when he was called from behind. It was a powerful and supple female knight’s voice. Comrades who have lived and died together for more than 10 years.

However, Lukrov could not look back on the voice of the Lord.

The female knight seems to have already expected this stubborn reaction of Lukrov, and quietly approaches next to her with a short sigh.

“This mission is just a mess. It’s a miracle that only two people are lost. Now … let’s go home.”

Only two people.

No, even though he was an infantryman, the precious lives of two humans were sacrificed.

Because of the dingy king’s speculation and the ephemeral dream of a stupid knight.

Still, Lukrov shook his head silently, with his back to the female knight. I couldn’t see her face properly.

“Lukrov …”

“Edina, the King said that he would be able to find Chizuru this time … The prophet in the example saw Chizuru’s shadow in a different world. He might be able to recall it.”

Lukrov knew that what he was saying was not logical, and he could only hear what he was saying by an unfamiliar child.

──I knew it, why?

For almost ten years now, he has been sadly aware of that.

I am a clown.

A crazy lonely man.

A madman who continues to seek an unforgettable black-haired girl, chases her image like a ghost, and does anything for that purpose.

Again, Edina’s sigh was heard next to Lukrov.

“I also miss Chizuru … I was a really cute and nice girl. I’m always working hard and kind. I want to see her again if I can.”

Edina’s tone was soft, but Lukrov couldn’t allow it to be close to the past.

It’s as if Chizuru is no longer in the world and will never meet again.

Lukrov clenched his teeth, clenched his fist so strongly that even rocks could break, and endured the unbearable thoughts. Edina continues.

“But that prophet can at best detect when Chizuru appears in this world. He has no power to recall. Only God can do that … Wow ”

Shut up shut up shut up.

I know, I know, I know.

Because I knew it, what was it?

This is the only thing I can do. I couldn’t keep quiet and immerse myself in the memories of Chizuru alone in the mansion like a retired old man. I have to hold her in this arm. I have to hear that voice again. I have to touch that skin again.

I can’t even breathe.

“And Lukrov … I shouldn’t say this now, but I’m just expecting Chizuru went to the other world. Maybe she’s already  …”


“The night she disappeared, the forest we were in was dangerous. Many beasts attacking people were wandering around.”

Lukrov looked back at Edina with angry eyes and grabbed her wrist tightly. Lukrov’s arm is trained enough to break a bow and arrow with his bare hands. Edina bit her lips slightly, and the others didn’t change her complexion, as a normal human would cry and hurt.

“Chizuru is alive. And I find her. No matter what”

“Lukrov …”

“If you want to go home, go home! I’ll kill them all by myself. You can lose your limbs, you can sell your soul to the devil!”

Lukrov was afraid at the edge of his consciousness, wondering what kind of face he was looking at right now. It’s definitely a brutal face like demons, demons and beasts. As a proof of that, even Edina, a female knight of 100 battles, may be frightened by her eyes …

“Stop, Lukrov, why don’t you calm down a little?”

Before I knew it, another blonde knight was standing right next to them, grabbed Lukrov’s wrist and gave a solemn advice.

“No matter what you think, you should turn back as soon as possible. Then, let’s rebuild the system, increase the number of soldiers, and think about returning again.”

Lukrov released Edina’s wrist.

The blonde knight immediately took Edina’s hand and confirmed that she was safe. The gesture was full of affection and even dignified.

The two of them look like they were drawn in a picture.

Both of them have shining blonde hair, are tall, and are men and women who have fought together for more than 10 years … at the same time, they are also lovers …

“It’s okay, Zain. Lukrov is just upset after the battle.”

“I know, Edina … Let’s get the horse ready soon.”

The two who were tied together with deep affection were holding their hands and staring at each other.

Lukrov took a step away from them, distorting his face painfully and looking away. ──The two are one of the few friends who understand Lukrov’s heart. Far from being one of the few, it can be said that there is no other ally of Lukrov in this world than these two. Even though there were not a few wages that Lukrov would pay, they would have had as many other sources as they could.

Lone may have sympathy for him, but he had the rule of a vast territory inherited from his father, and he didn’t have time to fight Lukrov like Edina and Zain.

Even Lukrov loves and respects them as friends.

However, when the two people who love each other deeply and care for each other are shown in front of them, Lukrov is disgusted by the size of what he has lost … The pain that makes his heart gouge alive. I couldn’t help feeling it. Always, always.


Zain turned around and said carefully with his eyes clear and light blue like the sky. “Do you want to live and meet Chizuru? Don’t say anything thrown away. We’re still on your side. Let’s pull now.”

Lukrov should have nodded.

It should have been nodding ──.


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