Only With Your Heart – Extra 3

Lukrov ── Currently.

The light of the candles on the candlestick illuminates the crimson tablecloth.

Lukrov was sitting in a chair without making a slight movement while watching the dishes brought by the servants one after another in a dark mood. A mortgage sits on the other side of the table, sometimes carrying wine in his mouth, staring at him as if he were looking for him.

After the last plate, which was the main dish, was placed in the center of the table, Lukrov ordered the payment.

Normally, at least Nadal remains alone as a waiter, but tonight I declined it and reminded me not to approach anyone until I called. Nadal looked a little confused, but quietly left the room according to his master’s order.

When Lukrov and Lone were alone, the guest room was quietly silenced for a while.

Candlesticks are placed on all sides of the room, illuminating the space between these small guests, but the gloomy atmosphere has not disappeared. No, only Lukrov was gloomy, and Roan didn’t break his grace.

“Then … could you explain in a little more detail?”

Lone, who returned the cup of wine to the table, leaned against the back of the chair and became relaxed.

“You can only see the opposite of what seems to be the happiest thing in the world after many years of wishes have come true. Chizuru is also worried. “

Lukrov was silently staring at the candle flame swaying on the table.

Rather than thinking about the answer, the emptiness that seems to be somewhere above is floating in the jet-black eyes.

The elaborate meaty pie was steaming warmly, so Lone did not hesitate to bring it to his mouth and patiently waited for Lukrov to open his mouth.

After a while, Lukrov began to speak quietly, still looking at the candle flame.

“I gave up everything four and a half years ago … Dreams, future, love, heart, everything. And above all, I gave up Chizuru. Never again, even on the edge of my head. I tried not to put in

“Oh, thanks to that, you’ve had a more lifeless face than a dead fish ever since.”

“Say anything”

Lukrov shook his head slightly. “I don’t know what to do anymore, even if I’m told to flush everything into the water and be happy. I even forgot how to smile.”

A sarcastic smile came to the face of the Roan.

“Before I met Chizuru, I would have completely forgotten how to smile. It was Chizuru who reminded me of that … That’s why you were so crazy about her. Would be the same “

“No, no. I’m too old. And I knew what it meant to lose her. No second time.”

While chewing on the meat-filled pie, Lone seemed to be trying to chew Lukrov’s words at the same time.

“That means … I don’t want to lose Chizuru again, so why not get it in the first place?” Lone slammed his fists on the table and shouted. “Are you stupid! That’s probably” now “!”

Lukrov turned his sharp eyes toward the Roan, which seemed to kill the opponent with just his eyes.

However, the red-haired knight strengthens his vocabulary.

“Then I ask, can I take Chizuru away as it is? The knight I brought was just the right age and single. Let’s leave Chizuru to him and get married. You want You can end your life alone in this rural territory. Congratulations, congratulations! “

Lukrov, whose face was distorted by intense anger, suddenly stood up from the chair and stared at the Roan with glare.

The Roan will be launched in the same way.

The glass of wine collapsed and purple stains spread on the table.

“Look, call it’now’! Well, I used to love Chizuru … maybe it wasn’t the passion you had, but it was definitely love. I say. I won’t let her cry. For whatever reason! “

Lukrov, who knocked down the chair, grabbed the Roan on the opposite bank with a madman-like momentum, and the two fell violently on the floor. Lukrov trying to grab his neck and Roan trying to avoid it quarrel, and two big men quarrel on the floor. There was no lump of furniture including the table. Things fell here and there, silver plates fell and scattered on the floor.

The two hit each other and rolled to the floor to the wall, shouting swearing that even the people who were saying did not make sense.

Several servants who heard the turmoil opened the door in a hurry.

“Who said I could enter !! Lost now!”

The servants screamed and ran away to the demon-like angry voice of Lukrov.

In that moment, Lone slammed Lukrov from behind and knocked him down to the floor. The two of them were absorbed in the wreckage of the fish dishes that had been scattered miserably, and were covered with a fishy smell, but the efforts of the two continued.

Lukrov and Lone were grabbing each other with all their might, as if they had forgotten the meaning of the conflict at some point.

And then

“Damn! Damn!”

Lukrov’s fist hit his face, and Lone held his nose. Nosebleeds immediately overflow between the fingers. “Maybe it broke, see you again!”

The Roan left his back on the wall and turned up while breathing on his shoulder.

Lukrov stepped back, grabbed the table’s legs that were flipping in the wrong direction, and stood up straight.

Both of them were out of breath.

“What on earth is Chizuru somewhere like this barbarian …?”

It was a Roan that muttered while bleeding nosebleeds that still continued, but the voice was already fashionable. “Is it a face? Is it a face?”

“He loves me 14 years ago, not me now …”

Lone snorted and rebelled against Lukrov, who leaked during his intense breathing. More blood spilled, but the Roan continued.

“That would be convenient. You haven’t changed anything from 14 years ago. Exactly the same, barbaric and polite rogue. Damn, I’m a guest.”

Lone showed his nose, even though he told me to look at this as evidence.

Lukrov shook his head.

“Not only that … I killed Zain and Edina. What kind of face can you love Chizuru again? Where on earth do you qualify for that?”

As expected, Roan also made a stiff body and tied his mouth to this line.

Lukrov’s eyes are wandering in the air like a ghost. Like a ghost wandering in hell, trapped in the nightmares of the past.

“That is … not your fault. It’s the king’s unreasonable command. You didn’t kill them.”

“No, it’s my fault. It would have been nice if I had given up on Chizuru quickly. The two were still alive.”

“Stop. Both Zain and Edina were knights. They died in the fight as knights. Don’t blame them for their souls.”


Suddenly, Lukrov’s voice became faint and weak as if it wasn’t his. “Wrong……”

Lukrov closed his eyes without saying anything further.

── Even a Roan doesn’t know everything. The truth of their death was that Lukrov intended to bring him to his graveyard. That is why Lukrov is no longer the same as it was fourteen years ago.

It is impossible to love Chizuru in the same way.



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