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Queen of Flowers Chapter 156

(Before split chapters: 67.1)


After the poisoning, Feng Liao stayed at JinFeng for a few days, until his body had basically recovered, before he went back to the capital.

When Xui Taiyi (Imperial Doctor) arrived, he smiled an odd smile towards Yong Ruo. 

“Last time, Madam saved your mother with a recipe for Yiyuan porridge. This time, you saved the prince with a bowl of sugar and salt water. The old man feels more and more that his medical skills are superficial and he still has a lot to learn! “

Yong Ruo smiled and said, “Imperial Doctor Xu is too humble. This concubine is just lucky.”

He only chortled and stopped talking, then directly boarded his carriage.

After returning to Beijing, Feng Liao took a bath and changed his clothes, then immediately entered the palace to reply to the emperor.

While the first thing Yong Ruo did after returning to Beijing was to send people to the Prince’s Mansion and Princess Longqing’s Mansion to report and thank them.

Princess Longqing soon took her husband to visit Feng Liao.

Before Feng Liao came back, Yong Ruo spoke with the princess. After An Zimo and Feng Liao entered the palace together, Yong Ruo told Jiao Tong to go to the front yard to accompany the horse.

Long Qing said to Yong Ruo both enviously and admiringly: “You are so amazing! You can ride a horse for a day and run more than 100 miles in one breath. I heard most men can’t do it!”

Yong Ruo smiled and said, “As the princess said, everyone has their own strengths. I can’t paint as spiritually as the princess, and I am not as gentle and elegant as the princess. My only advantage is that I am a bit stronger than you.”

Princess Longqing shook her head and stared at her with bright eyes: “I also heard that when you arrived, Brother Li couldn’t wake up, and those useless doctors were helpless. When you arrived, you only used a bowl of sugar and brine. Did you save Brother Liao?”

Yong Ruo smiled and shook his head: “That is an exaggeration!” She took out the rhetoric that fooled Feng Lio, and then took it out and fooled Princess Longqing with it as well.

Princess Longqing was much more foolish than Feng Liao. After listening, she repeatedly nodded her head, “I’ll just say it! How can a bowl of sugar brine be so magical?”

She covered her mouth and laughed twice, looked at Yong Ruo, and said: “However, you have a temperament that is quite different from the common person, much like a worldly expert. It doesn’t seem impossible to say that you have such a magical method!”

Yong Ruo kept smiling, and said calmly: “The princess is really good at joking. If I were a worldy expert, there would be no laymen in this world.”

After the two had talked for a while, Feng Liao returned from the palace, and walked in from the front yard together with Princess Longqing’s horse Wei Zhaowu.

“Brother Liao, you scared me to death!”

As soon as she saw Feng Liao, Princess Longqing rushed up and pulled his sleeves with puffy and red eyes and said: “At that time, Yu Jing came to my house to ask for help. When I heard you were sick, I started crying and went into the palace immediately to report to fuwang (emperor father, 父王). Fuwang was so scared that his face went pale, immediately asking someone to send Imperial Doctor Xu to Jinfeng Town. He even lost his temper in the palace. Scolding Su Mingjian and the others is useless!”

Feng Lio sighed guiltily, “It’s all my fault, letting you and wangbofu (emperor uncle, 王伯父) be worried.”

Princess Longqing pouted and said aggrievedly, “Later, I wanted to go to Jinfeng Town to see you, but everyone stopped me and didn’t let me go. They told me not to make trouble! When did I make trouble?”

She gave Wei Zhaowu a sideways glance: “Even he wouldn’t help me!”

Wei Zhaowu smiled good-naturedly, “At that time, the emperor and the empress were already worried about hengjunwang (King Heng Jun, aka Feng Liao; 恒郡王). If you go too, wouldn’t you worry about your parents even more? There is Mrs. Yong by hengjunwang’s side, as well as Imperial Doctor Xu’s diagnosis and treatment, so nothing would go wrong. Wouldn’t it be better for you to wait in Beijing with peace of mind?”

Princess Longqing mumbled, “You have a point!”

Feng Liao laughed: “I also think wulang (Wei Zhaowu) is reasonable. Forgot about everything else, where would you go to sleep? The inn is not big, there is only a better yard vacant, and the main house is occupied by me. If you go, I will have to give you the main house. Would you want me to make room for you while I am sick?”

Princess Longqing’s eyes widened: “Why am I so ignorant?”

“If I don’t vacate a room for you, I will feel apologetic; if I vacate a room for you, you feel apologetic in turn. Isn’t it better not to go?”

Princess Longqing had nothing to say.

Feng Liao also introduced Wei Zhaowu to Yong Ruo: “They are not outsiders, so there is no need to abide by the rules of the outer courtyard and the house. If I am not present in the future, you can just talk to Mei Qing if you have something to do, don’t shy away.”

Yong Ruo and Wei Zhaowu greeted each other politely.

One called, “Mrs. Yong.”

And the other called: “Wei Fuma (title).”

After the ceremony, Wei Zhaowu gave Yong Ruo a deep bow and said: “Zhaowu thanks Mrs. Yong for her great kindness.”

With a move of his eyebrows, Yong Ruo glanced at Princess Longqing and asked with a smile: “Wei Fuma, did you make a mistake? When you and I met for the first time, how was I kind to you?

Wei Zhaowu smiled and said: “What this ‘thank you’ is for is inconvenient for Zhaowu to declare, so I can only hope Madam naturally understands it.”

He bowed his hand to Princess Longqing as well, looked at Princess Longqing and said: “The princess naturally understands too!” In his eyes, there was a hint of teasing.

Princess Longqing’s cheeks turned red all of a sudden, looked over both her left and right shoulder, then said to him, “Ah! When do we eat? I’m so hungry!”

Feng Lao didn’t understand what she meant, so he looked at Yong Ruo questioningly.

Yong Ruo mouthed to him, “I’ll tell you tonight.

Feng Lao stopped asking questions, then led Princess Longqing and Wei Zhaowu to Yuxiantang (name of a pavilion) for dinner.

The four people ate in the same room, separated into two seats inside and outside with only a screen. What they said to each other could be heard clearly.

Wei Zhaowu was born in a noble family known for the military commanders they had produced for generations. His name is also Zhaowu (Wu means military/might), but he is an ambitionless wealthy idler who prefers writing over martial arts. He likes piano, chess, reading, calligraphy, poetry, wine, flowers and tea (direct translation of 琴棋書畫 and 詩酒花茶), and he gets along well with the princess.

When Feng Lio talks to him, he doesn’t talk about the major events in the imperial court, but just talks about the scenery, poems and paintings of various places. He is also very compatible with Wei Zhaowu.

Princess Longqing and Yong Ruo ate behind the screen, but from time to time they pricked up their ears and listened with smiles to the two people outside. Every word and deed of theirs were like that of a girl in love.

Yong Ruo thought: The relationship of this couple is probably still growing.

After Princess Longqing and Wei Zhaowu had left, Feng Lio asked Yong Ruo, “Why did Wei wulang thank you before?”

Yong Ruo said more euphemistically about Princess Longqing’s previous emotional consultation.

Feng Liao laughed, “I care about my sister a lot. You did a good job! But now, you have to care about me first…”

He hugged Yong Ruo, intending to go to bed with her, telling the pain of lovesickness…

When Feng Liao and Yong Ruo were rolling in the sheets, the emperor and empress in the palace were also discussing their affairs.

Emperor Chengtai said: “…I heard Xu Xinglin said that he had repeatedly tried the doctor Xi. It turns out he is just a man with a mere name and limited ability (rough translation of 名副其實; it means he is not as great as he claims). Whose credit is it for this crisis, then? If it said the doctor did the work; all the signs are a little suspicious; but if it is said the Yong girl did it, it seems too preposterous.” Xu Xinglin is the doctor Xu.

“This thing is really weird,” said Queen Wei, “but this concubine remembered the incident where the Yang family in Yongchang hoped to help Yang qilang chongxi (chongxi means they want to break his ’curse’).”

Emperor Chengtai frowned and thought for a long time before he said solemnly: “So you mean, the Yong girl is really precious, and not only does she have good fortune, but she can also supplement others’ fortune?”

“This concubine dares not say that. It’s just that everything is just too coincidencidental, so that the concubine can’t afford not to raise this suspicion.” How would she dare to be sure about this matter?

Emperor Chengtai thought for a long time before he sighed: “Things pertaining to fate, let’s wait and see! It’s just that the actions of the Yong girl are really admirable. She can act decisively and without procrastination. Her actions are even more decisive than most men.

“It’s a pity that her social status is a little too low, otherwise she would have been an ideal wife for Liao’er. Now this just puts me in a hard spot. If I choose a wife who is gentle and compliant, she will definitely be dominated by the Yong girl, and the rankings of wife and concubine would be out of order; if I chose a temperamental wife, in the future…I’m afraid there will never be peace!”

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