The Female General’s Little Childhood Sweetheart 3

When Lu Feng usually heard other people call her name, there were two possibilities. One was to rush at her and say, “Lu Feng! I’ll fight you!” and the other was “Lu Feng, I told your father you hit me again!”

Either way, Lu Feng would teach her how to be a man with his fist.

But it was clear that the voice behind her did not belong to any of these two kinds. One was that Lu Feng never beat a man. She certainly hadn’t bullied him. The other was that Lu Feng’s father had warmed her not to hit a man.

“Who are you?” Lu Feng turned around and looked at Xu Mu with red eyes, looking at her impatiently. She was usually impatient with people she didn’t know, let alone a man who only knew to cry.

Xu Mu was stunned by her question and the tears in his eyes fell instantly. Although tears blurred his vision, he still stared at the person in front of him without blinking for fear that she would disappear in the next moment.

——I’m your sweetheart.

Xu Mu’s words were in his throat and could not be said. Eleven year old Lu Feng had a little more childishness on her than seventeen year old one. Her temper and patience are just as bad as a few years later.

Knowing that she did not know recognize him, Xu Mu was still sad. All his thoughts and feelings were integrated into these two words. His eyes covered by the water curtain (tears) looked at her face as he sobbed: “Lu Feng.”

Lu Feng was sure that she had never seen the man in front of her but when she saw the tears pouring out of his eyes, her heart felt as if it had been stabbed. Her body trembled when she heard “Lu Feng”.
While Lu Feng was stunned, Xu Yu hurriedly ran away and said, “Lu Feng, I want to tell your father that you have made someone cry! See if he doesn’t twist your ear!”

Lu Feng woke up with a shiver and then came back to herself. Before Xu Yu opened his mouth, she felt as if only she and the man in front of her were left in the vast world and the rest of the people around her disappeared.

Just now, it was so strange that Lu Feng who had recovered from daze could not help but reach out and rub her arms. What happened to me just now?

“I didn’t bully you.” Seeing Xu Yu run far away, Lu Feng didn’t bother to chase her. She frowned at the tearful man and asked impatiently, “How long are you going to cry? How do you know my name is Lu Feng?”

Xu Mu didn’t want to cry, nor did he want to make Lu Feng think of him as small crying bag just when he met her. But when he saw that she was still alive, the depressed emotions in his heart all turned into tears which could not be stopped.

Before meeting Lu Feng, Xu Mu thought of all possible scenario of meeting Lu Feng. He thought that he must have a clean face and pull her small hand in his hand. Then he would tell her that he was Xu Mu in soft and waxy voice.

Lu Feng used to love to see his beautiful face. She liked to listen to his soft and waxy voice. She told him that she especially like his soft and waxy voice when he cries in bed and calls her wife.
(T/L: I think she like his “moans” in bed…)

But now all the beautiful first encounter fantasy shattered because of his crying.
In this nine-year-old body, 15-year-old soul was living. Xu Mu never thought that he would cry out at their first encounter and felt ashamed. He wished that he could cover his face and run away so that he could pretend that he hadn’t seen Lu Feng before.

Lu Feng obviously had never seen such a fierce person crying. If this was seen, everyone would think that she had bullied him.

“If you cry again, I will beat you!” Lu Feng pulled out the folded handkerchief from her pocket and threw it to Xu Mu.

Lu Feng looked at the teary Xu Mu. She felt impulse to wipe his tears but restrained herself. Lu Feng who was always fearless of everything was afraid of the dirt.

“If you’re OK, I’ll go.” Lu Feng frowned and looked around. Finding no one around, she was relieved. She was afraid her father would come out.

Xu Mu pinched the handkerchief and wrinkled his nose. He looked at her with his eyes and called out “Lu Feng” softly.

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