The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 1


T/L: Fleeting Cloud. E/D: Larkspur & Girondono

Xu Xinduo sat in the dining hall, calmly eating dinner.

The Mu family’s dining hall was like an independent garden. At its front, was an arched floor-to-ceiling window overlooking a small garden. Inside the dining hall, were potted plants and a huge wine rack with various types of wine.

At this time, it was deep in the night and the floor-to-ceiling windows reflected the light emitted by a crystal chandelier, just like fireflies in the night.

The “parents” who she had met  just a few days ago sat opposite Xu Xinduo and talked about something. Beside her sat Mu Qingyao who had lived in the Mu family for 16 years in her stead.

The atmosphere was strange and awkward.

At this time, Mu Fu said, “Xinduo, we are going to arrange your transfer. We hope you can also transfer to the same school as Yaoyao and Xiaoyi.”

Xu Xinduo did not speak and continued to sit upright, eating the things which were placed in front of her.

Her movements were neither slow nor fast. When she ate, there was a bit of laziness in her actions. She had an inviolable noble temperament which was very consistent with her appearance.

Xu Xinduo was undoubtedly beautiful, but her overall temperament and facial features would give people a “world-weary” feeling.

Her entire person was cool and beautiful, but no one was allowed to approach her.

Without waiting for the answer, Father Mu continued. “Uh… Xinduo, is there any problem? Or do you want to stay in your old school?”

Xu Xinduo slowly put down the chopsticks, looked up and said to Father Mu, “I’m sorry, I’m not used to talking when eating. I want to transfer to another school. You can arrange it.”

Father Mu suddenly jolted.

It was often said that one shouldn’t talk while eating. However, the Mu family didn’t have this rule. In fact, it seemed that they had no rules.

He smiled and said, “It’s a good habit. We will arrange for you to go to a regular class of Jiahua International School. We originally wanted to arrange for you to go to a fast track class. Yaoyao and Xiaoyi are also in a fast track class. But this class needs certain grades. You can’t go in directly. You have to work hard to gain entry into the fast track class by passing an exam.”

Mu Qingyao said while eating a mouthful of cooked rice, “I think Xu Xinduo is OK. It’s said that her performance in the town’s high school was not bad.”

However, everyone could imagine that the teaching staff of the town schools was totally different from that of the international schools. It was questionable whether Xu Xinduo could keep up with the progress of her studies here, let alone go to the fast track class. It was just a fantasy.

Xu Xinduo suddenly said, “I want to attend an international class, preferably Class Four.”

Hearing this, Mu Qingyao ate another mouthful.

Her fiancé should have been Xu Xinduo’s fiancé. He was also in the international Class Four. She glanced at Xu Xinduo immediately and cursed inwardly. ‘She wants to take her fiancé back?’


‘How can my boyfriend like such a hick?’

What’s more, now Xu Xinduo was just an adopted daughter.

Father Mu was a little surprised and asked in amazement: “Do you want to study abroad? International classes are all taught in English. No one will translate them for you. Can you keep up?”

“Yes.” Xu Xinduo replied very firmly.

Mu Qingyao immediately said, “You’d better be rational. You will be unable to make sense of what you are hearing and will make yourself the laughingstock of the class.”

Xu Xinduo ignored her.

Mu Qingyao looked at Xu Xinduo’s indifference and gritted her teeth.

Father Mu also mentioned another thing. “We want to change your name. Do you have any name you like?”

Who would have thought that Xu Xinduo would unexpectedly refuse. 


Father Mu still insisted. “After all, you are the child of our Mu family. How can you have the surname Xu?”


Please read at least first 4 chapters before coming to any conclusion.

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