The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 10

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Sasha & Larkspur
Mu Qingyao disagreed and was even more aggrieved. “Why should I let it go? Why should I be wronged… Our family of four used to be fine. Why did this happen suddenly… “


Father Mu also felt sick at heart. They were really a happy family… The blood relations could not be lost and the child who had been raised for more than ten years of deep affection could not be abandoned which made them fall into a dilemma. In their eyes, Mu Qingyao was innocent. She didn’t know anything. What was disgusting was that nanny!


Mu Qingyao also knew that she was not their real daughter. She always tried to look cute and well-behaved. It was not all that easy. Therefore in her eyes, Xu Xinduo who had just come to the house seemed to be very rude.


Xu Xinduo didn’t care about the pain of this father and daughter duo. She went into the kitchen alone and poured herself a glass of water.


Father Mu looked at Xu Xinduo and said, “Xinduo, apologize to your sister.”


Xu Xinduo took a sip of water and then said, “I’m sorry.”


That’s all!


Mu Qingyao pointed at Xu Xinduo and continued to scold. “Dad, look at her, she doesn’t look like she is admitting a mistake.”


Father Mu looked at Xu Xinduo and said, “Xinduo, you need to get along with your sister. You are all relatives, you know?”


“Got it,” Xu Xinduo said while putting down empty glass.


She washed the cup. When she came out, she heard Father Mu comforting Mu Qingyao. “She came from the countryside so her character and temperament are incomparable to yours. You should forgive her.”


“Both of us are your daughters. Why should I be wronged?”


“Well, you are the sensible child…”


Seeing Xu Xinduo come out, Father Mu said to Xu Xinduo, “Xu Xinduo, since you are the daughter of our Mu family, you will have everything Yaoyao has. We will let you learn the piano and dance. It will improve your temperament.”


“Oh, ok.” Xu Xinduo responded.


“There is a make-up class near here. I have already registered for you. Yaoyao and Xiaoyi are also in the class. Courses consist of domestic textbooks. You can understand them. “


“OK.” Xu Xinduo answered. 


After a while, seeing that Father Mu had nothing else to say, she went back to her room and took out her books to start reading.


Recently, she was fascinated by a novel. It had not been translated into Chinese yet so she read it directly. After a while, her mobile phone rang. It was Tong Yan.


After Xu Xinduo answered, she heard Tong Yan’s lazy voice. “So annoying–“


Xu Xinduo was still reading her book. She asked casually, “What’s the matter?”


“My tattoo was asked to be covered with a concealer.”


“Then cover it.”


“But it will make me upset.”


“Then don’t cover it.”


“Then they will not let me play.”


“Then… chop off your neck.”




Tong Yan didn’t bother about this matter anymore and asked her, “I really don’t understand you. How can you accept the status of an adopted daughter?”


“It’s all for grandma.”


Xu Xinduo had never seen her so-called parents since childhood. She knew that she had a maternal grandmother but the maternal grandmother never came to see her. She was brought up by Grandma Xu.


(T/N: This will be discussed later.)


The two had been living together for so many years and had deep feelings. Grandma Xu was a very kind grandmother and was recognized by Xu Xinduo as her family.


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