The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 100

Edited By Adrian

When Yin Hua (Tong Yan’s mother) arrived at Tong Yan’s private villa, Tong Yan and his friends were still messing around, playing some games together. Luckily, they had already moved further into the villa, away from the front door.


When she walked up to the villa, she saw Liu Yating sitting alone in a corner of the garden, secretly wiping away her tears.


Liu Yating stood up immediately after noticing Yin Hua. She wiped away the last of her tears in a panic and said, “Auntie.”


Yin Hua looked at Liu Yating and asked, “Why are you crying? Has Yanyan been bullying you?”


Liu Yating replied angrily: “I wish he bullied me. He just ignored me.”


“So you are crying?”


After taking a deep breath, Liu Yating looked back at the villa and replied, “Auntie, you’d better not go inside, they are still playing around. It’s quite chaotic. Let’s go chat somewhere else.”


Yin Hua did not refuse her request and walked around to the other side of the villa with Liu Yating. Yin Hua deliberately chose the spot. They sat down on the second floor, next to the large french window, you could just see what was going on in the lobby on the first floor.


When Yin Hua noticed the unfamiliar faces of Xu Xinduo and Lou Xu, she asked Liu Yating, “Do you know those two girls?”


Liu Yating moved closer to the window and watched. She felt conflicted for a while and finally answered, “I don’t know them.”


In fact, Liu Yating knew that Tong Yan was going out with Xu Xinduo. If she said that she knew her, Yin Hua would definitely ask about Xu Xinduo’s identity. She wouldn’t able to hid Xu Xinduo’s identity as an adopted daughter.


Although Liu Yating didn’t like Xu Xinduo, she didn’t want to expose Xu Xinduo’s  identity for now, she just wanted to take Yin Hua away and observe them from a distance.


Yin Hua looked at Liu Yating for a moment before, she continued to watch the group of children playing around.


Her gaze fell on Xu Xinduo from time to time, as if she was trying to size her up and learn all of her deep dark secrets.


Lu Qichao’s presence at Tong Yan’s birthday party, meant that the party was destined to be extraordinary.


Tong Yan was afraid of trouble that Lu Qichao would cause. He leaned on the sofa and covered his face with one hand. He really didn’t want to see the group of people dancing around like monsters with their suit jackets tied around their waists.


Xu Xinduo was used to Tong Yan’s friends and didn’t care about their silly antics. She just sat in the corner with Lou Xu together, eating snacks and watching the dancing. She was afraid that Lou Xu would feel uncomfortable as she was not really familiar with anyone here.


However, opposite to what Xu Xinduo thought, Lou Xu was really happy. Tong Yan didn’t mind that she had taken photos of him without his permission. It seemed that he was not as unreasonable as the legend says and his personality was also quite casual.


Xu Xinduo decided to fetch some milk tea for Lou Xu. So she went over to the milk tea machine and started pressing several buttons. The milk tea started to spray down intermittently.


The milk tea machine had a recurring issue. So Xu Xinduo quickly opened up a drawer, took out a long needle, reached into the machine and touched the contact board. The milk tea machine was repaired just like that.


If it was up to Tong Yan, he would have replaced the machine a long time ago. But Xu Xinduo was relatively frugal and felt that it was unnecessary, so she repaired it a few times by herself. Practice makes perfect.


After picking up the milk tea, she brought it over to Lou Xu. She noticed that everyone else was playing a game of tacit understanding.


They were playing a very restrained game tonight.

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