The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 101

Edited By Adrian

Lu Qichao said to Tong Yan, “Yo, Brother Yan, let’s play a game with your girl. Who knows the partner the best. Where the loser has to get undressed, and jump into the swimming pool and give us a synchronized swimming performance.”


After Lu Qichao finished talking, he pulled Tong Yan over a group of other people, it was obvious that he was looking to cause some trouble.


In his opinion, Xu Xinduo and Tong Yan had only known each other for a few days so they were not familiar with each other at all.


The other pairs chosen by Lu Qichao knew each other from childhood. They grew up together so it went without saying that they were very familiar with each other.


One of the teams was Wei Lan and Su Wei.


Xu Xinduo and Tong Yan sat side by side in the middle, and were asked some questions.


The others in the room took turns asking questions as time went on the questions gradually got harder and trickier.


In the beginning, they were asked about the size of each other’s shoes. Each person had to write their size above, the guess of their partner size. If both of them were correct, it would count as one point.


The next person asked, “When does the other person get up?”


Lu Qichao couldn’t help asking: “What if there is no fixed time and they just wake up naturally?”


The man immediately added, “Then write the average you wake up.”


When Wei Lan wrote down his answer, he couldn’t help muttering: “This is a bit difficult.”


However, Tong Yan and Xu Xinduo had already finished writing. When it was time to show their answers, the two of them flipped over their blocks, showing the same answers.


Xu Xinduo got up at 5 o’clock every day.


Tong Yan got up at 6:30 every day.


They often use each other’s mobile phones, and both know the time of each other’s alarm clock. Xu Xinduo can wake up naturally. Before the alarm clock rings, he can wake up in a daze. When he hears the alarm, he will get up and wash.


The two of them often used each other’s mobile phones and knew the time of each other’s alarm. Xu Xinduo would wake up naturally even before Tong Yan’s alarm rang. Hearing the alarm, she would get up to wash.


Wei Lan began to doubt his life: “Omg, have you two talked that deeply already?”


Tong Yan answered confidently: “We are deskmates, so we have time to chat.”


Wei Lan rolled his eyes: “I don’t think it’s normal for someone to tell their deskmate what time they wake up.”


“Maybe it’s not normal for you as you are a bit self-centered, aren’t you?” Tong Yan retorted. 




The next person’s question was even more difficult to deal with. He directly asked: “What’s the other party’s bust size?”


But after listening to it, Tong Yan said: “Change the question, otherwise I will thrash you. How can I say a girl’s bust size to you?”


The man replied: “You don’t need to write Duoduo’s bust size, just write yours. Duoduo also just needs to write Brother Yan’s bust size alone.”


Xu Xinduo did not hesitate this time. She wrote down the number and then showed it to them.


Wei Lan took the boards to see the answers. When saw that the numbers were the same, Wei Lan asked in an unsteady voice: “Do you also share this kind of information with your deskmate?”


Noticing Wei Lan’s expression, Lu Qichao couldn’t hold it in anymore. He laughed very hard, while slapping his thighs. He was wondering how was this competition going to end up?


Lou Xu was more eccentric and asked: “The number of times the other party has been in love.”


After hearing the question, Wei Lan looked at Lou Xu and asked, “Are you targeting me?”


On the other side, Su Wei looked anxious as he started counting with his fingers, causing the group of people to laugh. The most annoying thing was that Wei Lan himself had to count. He sat down and tried to remember.

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