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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 102

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Xu Xinduo and Tong Yan showed no hesitation at all, as they quickly wrote down on their boards and showed their answer of “0”.


The two of them swapped bodies for many years so they knew who each other  had been in contact with. They had a general understanding of each other. It was not a secret that neither of them had ever fallen in love.


Lu Qichao walked over closer and looked at their answers. After he saw that it was the same answer, he commented: “Looks like it’s the first love for both of them.”


As soon as he said it, everyone was in an uproar.


The next person asked their question: “Does the other person snore while sleeping?”


Lu Qichao was first to reject the question: “How the hell would I know if I snore, when I am sleeping? It’s not possible to answer!”


The man said anxiously: “DO you think I’m asking you? Who cares if you snore or not?”


Only then did Lu Qichao react and replied in a long tone: “Oh—”


However, this question was still not answerable so that man had to change it. He asked another question: “Does the other person like someone?”


Su Wei was the first to show his answer. His answer was that he did not like anyone but Wei Lan did.


Wei Lan wrote that he did not like anyone and Su Wei also did not like anyone.


Wei Lan looked at Su Wei’s question board and said, “I just gave up recently. I haven’t got a new target yet.”


Su Wei retorted: “You are the most flicked person when it comes to love.”




Tong Yan also quickly finished writing down his answers.  When he saw Xu Xinduo hesitating, he couldn’t help but look at her. He saw that Xu Xinduo wrote that he didn’t like anyone, but hesitated at her own answer.


He was stupefied for a moment and stared at Xu Xinduo’s hesitant appearance for a long time. Did she already have a boy she liked and that’s why she was hesitating?


When did it happen?


After getting here?


Shao Qinghe?


Xu Xinduo turned to look at Tong Yan. Seeing that Tong Yan had written two nos, she also wrote two nos without hesitation.


This action caused others to protest: “You are not allowed to read each other white boards.”


“Damn, these two people are really hard to deal with… They are always on guard. There are no loopholes at all.”


The next person asked: “What brand of toothpaste does the other person use.”


When this was asked, Wei Lan directly gave up. He never cared what brand of toothpaste his brother used.


Xu Xinduo and Tong Yan quickly wrote the answer again and their answers were the same again.


Lu Qichao looked at Wei Lan and said: “Little Wei, you got to win this, don’t give up. I believe in you!”


Wei Lan asked: “Brother Chao, is it interesting to see someone shoot themselves in the foot?”


Lu Qichao answered without any delay: “Yeah.”


In the end, Wei Lan and Su Wei gave up and lost. They went to the swimming pool to jump in. Xu Xinduo and Lou Xu happily went to see the show together.


When Wei Lan got to the swimming pool, he took off his suit. This high end suit had only worn once. It was not something that could bear the water. He was really reluctant to part with it.


He turned to the servant and said, “Can you get me a towel?”


Just as he finished asking, he was kicked in by Tong Yan: “Just go in, I can prepare a quilt for you later!”


Su Wei suddenly grabbed Xu Xinduo’s wrist: “I don’t care. If I go in, but I will take Miss Duo with me. You should do what is best, Brother Yan!”


However, Xu Xinduo didn’t care at all. She quickly twisted her wrist, and broke free and pushed Su Wei into the pool. When she saw them swimming in the pool, she couldn’t help but laugh.


After Yin Hua watched them playing the game, she turned to look at Liu Yating. But Liu Yating was still trying to send a message to Tong Yan, notifying him that Aunt had come to the party, but she found out that she was blacklisted by Tong Yan.


She rolled her eyes and put her mobile phone aside. She didn’t care anymore. You can just fend for yourself.


Yin Hua pointed to Xu Xinduo and said, “She has a little boyish habits, which are a bit like Yanyan.”


Liu Yating didn’t think much and replied vaguely: “Maybe…she is just more like a tomboy. Let’s go and have fun.”


“Sure, let’s go down and say hello.”

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