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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 103

Edited By Adrian

Liu Yating panicked all of a sudden. She usually would stay with Yin Hua, but today she was reluctant and said in a flustered voice, “I’ll go down first and get those stinky b̲a̲s̲t̲a̲r̲d̲s̲ cleaned up.”


With that, she quickly ran downstairs to inform Tong Yan in advance that his mother was here but she forgot to bring her mobile phone along with her.


Yin Hua picked up Liu Yating’s phone and took a look, before turning off the screen and putting it back where she found it.


Yin Hua started to head downstairs without waiting for Liu Yating to return.


When she entered the room, she saw a group of panicked teenagers. Wei Lan and Su Wei awkwardly ran upstairs with towels around them. They were trying to avoid Yin Hua’s gaze, hoping that Yin Hua did not see them messing around.


She politely responded to the greeting of Tong Yan’s guests.


When Liu Yating was finally able to warn Tong Yan, he casually replied: “It doesn’t matter.”


Liu Yating pointed at Xu Xinduo and asked, “What about her?”


“What’s wrong with her?” Tong Yan didn’t understand.


“Auntie won’t let you continue to communicate!”


Tong Yan looked at Liu Yating and hesitated for a moment. He thought of hiding Xu Xinduo for a moment, but Yin Hua had already arrived before he could do anything.


When Yin Hua arrived in front of Tong Yan, Liu Yating quickly stood aside, trying not to catch Yin Hua’s attention. She didn’t care now as she had already done everything she could to help him but now she couldn’t do anything.


Lou Xu looked completely shocked when she saw Yin Hua’s tranquil eyes from the side. She couldn’t believe that the legendary figure with peerless beauty, the goddess of the entertainment industry, the former movie queen Yin Hua was standing before her!


Yin Hua was now more than forty years old but she didn’t look old at all. She had a formidable aura around her.


She had excellent facial features, exquisite and top notch make-up, she was wearing  a tailor-made cheongsam with a shawl on her shoulders. She could look at people with a smile, that didn’t contain any hint of provocation.


Tong Yan asked, “Mom, why are you here? Didn’t you tell me that I should sort my party by myself?”


“My son is celebrating his birthday so how could your mom not be with you.” After she said that, she looked at Xu Xinduo. After Xu Xinduo saw Yin Hua, she was overjoyed and wanted to say hello to her, but suddenly stopped herself.


After a while, she weakly called out: “Hello, Auntie.”


“She is…” Yin Hua pointed to Xu Xinduo and asked.


Lu Qichao answered first, “A friend, my friend!”


He remembered that Xu Xinduo had said that the status of her and Tong Yan were not suitable. He also knew Yin Hua’s character, so he took the initiative to step forward.


Yin Hua smiled, looked at Lu Qichao, and then asked, “What is your friend’s name?”


Lu Qichao motioned to Xu Xinduo: “Introduce yourself.”


Xu Xinduo said politely, “Hello Auntie, my name is Xu Xinduo.”


Yin Hua walked over and took Xu Xinduo’s hand. She said affectionately, “There are very few girls around Tong Yan so when I saw you, I had to ask. Surname Xu… is…”


She seemed to be thinking about which family named Xu had a child like Xu Xinduo.


Xu Xinduo took the initiative to say: “I am the adopted daughter of the Mu family.”


“Oh really? I could tell.”


Xu Xinduo looked at Yin Hua, wondering if she really could not tell whether she was an adopted daughter, or that she was a biological daughter.


“Mom!” Tong Yan interrupted the conversation between Yin Hua and Xu Xinduo. He walked over and said, “You should go upstairs and rest first. I’ll send off my guests and we can celebrate together after that.”


Yin Hua looked at Tong Yan and asked with a smile, “Why should they all leave just because I came? Did I disturb you all?”


“No, no, no, I want to continue my birthday with my mother.”


Tong Yan smiled and secretly nudged Xu Xinduo’s arm. Which caused Xu Xinduo to immediately lower her head and walk away.

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