The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 104

Edited By Adrian

When Xu Xinduo was in Tong Yan’s body, she got really familiar with Yin Hua, but the premise was that she was Yin Hua’s son at the time.


It was the first time that she met Yin Hua in her own body. Xu Xindua understood Yin Hua’s character really well and knew that she was not liked by her.


At this point, going home was the best choice.


Tong Yan followed behind her and told the servants of the family to get a thicker coat for Xu Xinduo. Tong Yan returned back into the villa after walking Xu Xinduo and Lou Xu to their car.


When he entered the villa, most of the guests had already left, but there were still few people that stayed to say their farewells to Tong Yan.


Tong Yan went upstairs after they left, looking like a mess and saw his mother playing with Coco.


Yin Hua saw Tong Yan and asked, “I’m guessing that girl had a good time with Coco?”


“Huh?” Tong Yan pretended to be stupid.


“The perfume smell of that girl is floating around here.”


Tong Yan really felt that women were monsters and were too sensitive to these small things, so he said helplessly, “Maybe Coco and she got along with each other?”


“You two also seem to be familiar.”


“Hey, don’t think too much into it. She and I are just ordinary friends.” He really didn’t think anything about Xu Xinduo. That was not a lie.


Yin Hua looked up at Tong Yan and understood that he was telling the truth.


Yin Hua sighed again: “She looks pretty.”


“She’s all right. She is not my type.”


“What is your type then?”


“The love between you and dad is particularly unsuccessful. I think that I can’t be as superficial as dad. I just don’t look at a person’s face. I am a person who looks for a deeper connection. In order to prove that I am not superficial, my future girlfriend will definitely not be that pretty.”


After hearing this, Yin Hua really tried to understand how his son’s brain circuit worked. She still couldn’t understand why there was any necessary connection between being superficial and not finding a beautiful girlfriend.


Finally, she had no choice but to smile bitterly: “What theory is this?”


“In other words, I will not look for a beautiful girlfriend.”


Regarding Tong Yan secretly celebrating Xu Xinduo’s birthday and giving her such an expensive watch, Yin Hua didn’t mention it at all. Instead, she said, “Let me give your birthday present now.”


“What is it?”


“Since you’re too young to drive, I’ll give you something else other than a car.” Yin Hua said and handed Tong Yan a business card.


Tong Yan took it to have a look and smiled. It was the business card of a pilot.


So he asked, “You gifted me a private jet?”




“Okay, I’m very satisfied.”


His sixteenth birthday present was a private yacht.


Now his seventeen birthday present was a private jet.


For Tong Yan, this birthday gift was really nothing new or surprising.


When Xu Xinduo got home. She lifted up the skirt of her dress a little bit to climb up the steps and opened the door. When she walked in, she saw that the lights in the living room were still on and there were people sitting in there.


Is their birthday party over already too?


When she walked by, she vaguely heard Mu Qingyao crying and she quickly glanced into the room. She saw that Mu Qingyao was indeed sitting on the sofa crying. There were a lot of tissue papers in front of her. Who knew how long she had been crying for.


Father Mu shouted at that moment: “You still have the face to come back?!”

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