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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 105

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Xu Xinduo sighed, ignored Father Mu and continued to walk upstairs.


Father Mu became furious. He took a few steps toward her in a hurry and asked: “I’m talking to you, didn’t you hear me?”


“I’m going to remove my make-up.”


Father Mu became even more agitated. He quickly walked over and grabbed Xu Xinduo’s wrist, pulling her, preventing her from leaving. He raised his voice to point that he was  almost shouting at her: “Did you tell anyone about your identity?!”


Naturally, Xu Xinduo would not admit that Tong Yan knew about it because he swapped bodies with her and witnessed everything. She never told anyone specifically.


“No I didn’t” she replied indifferently.


“You don’t want to admit it? If it wasn’t for you, Tong Yan wouldn’t have come to the birthday party and made a laughing stock of our family!”


Xu Xinduo shook off Father Mu’s hand and walked into the living room calmly. Since everyone was here, it was a good time to chat here.


She sat down quietly with her arms folded around her chest and said in a calm voice: “I didn’t ask Tong Yan to come to the party. He came by himself.”


Mu Qingyao couldn’t take it any longer and shouted at Xu Xinduo: “Our two families have always held birthday parties on the same day. There has never been any interaction before. Why did he suddenly come to the birthday party? He also said that he would dance with the protagonist. What kind of protagonist are you? The birthday party was not for you! If it weren’t for what you told Tong Yan, why would he do this?!”


Xu Xinduo looked at Mu Qingyao with a sneer: “Why are you asking so arrogantly? Is it really your birthday today? No, your birthday is tomorrow!”


Mu Qingyao retorted confidently: “I have had my birthday party on the same date for sixteen years so my birthday is today.”


Xu Xinduo replied: “But it is just a fake birthday.”


Father Mu on one side couldn’t stand it anymore and said sharply: “Xu Xinduo, let me tell you. If you don’t want to change your surname. Fine, I’ll leave it as it is. But you should stop struggling with your identity. It will not be made public. You will only embarrass yourself if you go around like this. We won’t admit that you are our legitimate daughter.”


Not admitting that she was their legitimate daughter…


What harsh words.


Obviously she was their biological daughter, but it couldn’t be made public. Did Xu Xinduo do something wrong? She was obviously feeling miserable and she was also the one who was hurt the most.


Xu Xinduo emphasized again: “I didn’t say it to anyone.”


Father Mu: “Then why have people been talking about it everywhere??”


Xu Xinduo: “They are not blind, can’t they see it?! What does your precious girl look like? Does she resemble the Mu family even a little bit? Are you being blind?”


Father Mu suddenly choked on his words and couldn’t say anything. He took a deep breath and his voice was trembling.


At that moment, Mu Qingyi came downstairs.


He knew that things would develop like this after seeing Tong Yan walking towards Xu Xinduo and inviting her to dance. He didn’t want the situation to escalate and cause a misunderstanding between his father and Xu Xinduo. However, he was feeling a little hesitant about the situation. He thought that it would be better to make everything public. In that case, things wouldn’t have developed up to this point.

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