The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 106

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When they got home, he didn’t want to see Mu Qingyao crying, so he went upstairs alone.


In fact, the first time Mu Qingyi heard that the girls were swapped by the maid when they were babies, he still had his suspicions. After verifying her identity in private, he was still very conflicted about the whole matter as he was afraid of hurting Mu Qingyao.


However, Mu Qingyao just kept crying the whole time, begging the family not to abandon her and saying that she didn’t want to leave. She even begged their parents not to bring Xu Xinduo back.


The parents couldn’t bear Mu Qingyao’s crying and finally compromised that they would not disclose the girl’s true identities. At that time, he saw a flash of light in Mu Qingyao’s eyes. It was a look of pure ecstasy.


Throughout this whole process, Mu Qingyao never cared about her sister, as if Xu Xinduo was not a person made of flesh and blood at all.


At that moment, Mu Qingyi felt that he hadn’t known Mu Qingyao at all all these years when he saw this new side of her.


After a series of events that had happened, Mu Qingyi became more and more disappointed in Mu Qingyao. Mu Qingyi felt especially angry on the day when he had to deal with the maid.


For a moment he even thought: Ah… is it really my family? They are all so bad… What a mess… all of them can go to hell…


Mu Qingyi felt very upset.


They did so many things that made him feel uncomfortable but his parents even tried cover for someone who had lied.


He had been having trouble sleeping and eating. He was feeling guilty all this time and wanted to make it up to Xu Xinduo. After some time, he found that he was the only one who seemed to have this idea…


What happened to his parents? What happened to the younger sister who grew up with him?


Why had they all changed so suddenly?


Mu Qingyao’s real family is really bad.


But my family is also very bad, no matter what.


He even thought that he was also not good at all. He was born in the mud so how could he not be stained by it?


He wanted to escape and didn’t want to participate in all these things. When Xu Xinduo returned, he chose to go abroad as an exchange student.


He did not dare to face his real sister. He did not dare to see her disappointed and desperate appearance. He would feel suffocated every time he imagined it.


However, he was surprised by this sister after he returned.


He found that this sister was different from ordinary people. She was strong and indifferent, yet showing helplessness in small details. He found that as long as a person was good to her, she would treat that person kindly. She was indifferent to the rest of the family members, because they let her down.


He only came down when he heard the quarrel. He saw Mu Qingyao questioning with confidence and his father was scolding Xu Xinduo viciously.


How could they be so arrogant? It was originally their fault as they made that unfair decision, but now it had become Xu Xinduo’s fault.


They were trying to prevent Xu Xinduo from telling the truth and exposing their ugly lies.


For what?


He looked at his mother who was sitting still as cowardly as before. It seemed that she wanted to stop them and help Xu Xinduo, but kept looking at the three of them helplessly.


It wasn’t until she saw Mu Qingye come downstairs that she seemed to see hope and looked at him for help.


That’s enough.


I have had enough…


of this family.


Mu Qingyi looked at Mu Qingyao coldly and asked, “Many people have been questioning their identity for some time. There has been a lot of discussion in the school. Mu Qingyao has known about this for a long time. Has she not told you, dad about it?”

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