The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 107

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Mu Qingyao immediately panicked and said, “There are only a few people who questioned it initially and they were quickly refuted. Today, with Tong Yan suddenly appearing and stating that Xu Xinduo was the protagonist, was the cause that has made others start talking about it once more. Even Zhuhang asked me about my identity. Now, even he suspects me!”


Mu Qingyi asked again: “No, they were talking a lot about it even before tonight. It’s because of that stupid picture of the three of us were standing together.”


Mu Qingyao: “…”


Xu Xinduo was 175 cm tall, Mu Qingyi was 187 cm tall, while Mu Qingyao was only 157 cm tall.


Xu Xinduo and Mu Qingyi looked like standard siblings standing together. Whereas Mu Qingyao looked completely out of place


It would be strange if people didn’t talk about it.


After all, not everyone was blind and stupid.


Father Mu looked at the three children and finally emphasized: “As long as we hold onto this matter and don’t say it out, it won’t be their turn to question. In the end, they will at most believe that Xu Xinduo is my illegitimate daughter.”


Mu Qingyi couldn’t help but ask: “I really don’t understand. Why do you want to do such a ridiculous thing?!”


Father Mu was also very angry. He picked up the ashtray in his hand and threw it along with his coat on the ground: “Do you think this is what I want? Who would want to do such a ridiculous thing?!”


The ashtray fell on the marble floor and made a loud noise, instantly changing the atmosphere in the room.


Father Mu was so angry that his fingers trembled. He pointed at Xu Xinduo and said, “If she tells everyone about her real identity, do you know how badly it will affect the family? Our Mu family is in a not as good position as it once was! Do you think that Mu family is all powerful and has endless wealth? Not at all! The Shen family can change its partner at any time. If it was not bound by a marriage contract, the Shen family could abandon our declining company at any time!”


Father Mu continued: “It would be fair to her if everything was made public and our Mu family’s family business collapse? By then, our family would be in debt. Is this what you want? Of course, we can also propose to let Xu Xinduo marry Shen Zhuhang in place of Mu Qingyao after the disclosure but would the Shen family be willing? She is not as good as Yaoyao except for her appearance. She grew up in the countryside. Would the Shen family want such a daughter-in-law?”


Xu Xinduo had been listening to everything, but after hearing it, she only felt funny: “An industry can only be supported by selling off daughters. This only shows that you are incompetent.”


Father Mu was in a furious state at this time. He thought that after talking about the business situation, his children could understand his difficulties. He had been really tired recently and his family matters had made him even more exhausted both physically and mentally.


He even felt that he was in trouble for no reason.


Seeing Xu Xinduo still acting so ignorant, he suddenly raised his hand to slap Xu Xinduo.


However, Xu Xinduo was agile. She raised her hand and grasped Father Mu’s wrist. She stood upright while holding Father Mu’s wrist and looked at him without any fear. Then she said again: “I’ll say it again. I don’t care about my identity. I even disdain being your daughter. I am ashamed of the surname Mu. Don’t try using the authority of being my father. You never taught me anything or gave me an ounce of fatherly’s love. There is only a blood relationship between you and me. That’s it, don’t expect me to respect you.”


After Xu Xinduo finished speaking, she pushed Mu’s father’s arm away, making Father Mu take two steps back.

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