The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 108

Edited By Adrian

Xu Xinduo raised her chin slightly and stared boldly at Father Mu for a moment, before looking back at Mother Mu.


Mother Mu and Xu Xinduo looked at each other for a moment. Mother Mu’s body trembled slightly as her tears were falling down my cheeks.


Xu Xinduo sighed loudly: “In the beginning, I came back here because I had no financial resources and couldn’t live alone. I didn’t want to be helped by outsiders so I thought of relying on my blood parents and being a sponger. I didn’t expect that living here would be so unpleasant. It would be better to leave and be more at ease. I will move out as soon as possible. Don’t worry, I won’t mention my relationship with the family after I leave. I’ll pretend that I have never met.”


When Xu Xinduo finished speaking, she walked upstairs, bypassing the family.


No one stopped her.


Mu Qingyi watched Xu Xinduo go upstairs and then looked back at his family.


He lowered his head, feeling a little sad. His eyes were filled with anger but he couldn’t say anything. In the end, he said with a sigh: “Was it necessary to make such a scene and let an outsider make a joke out of us?”


When he said this, he furiously glared at Mu Qingyao.


It was obvious that Mu Qingyao was the outsider he was talking about.


Mu Qingyao stopped crying, feeling completely stunned and stared at the rest of the family dumbly.


After being glared at by Mu Qingyi, she felt a bitter cold chill run down her spine, making her feel restless.


At that moment, Father Mu’s mobile phone rang, breaking the silence in the room. He took a deep breath. After taking out his mobile phone, he saw that it was a strange number. He hesitated for a moment before picking it.


When the call was connected, the person at the other end of line began to speak: “Hello, I’m Yin Hua from the Tong family.”


“Oh, oh, Hello, Mrs. Tong.” Father Mu immediately became obsequious and very polite. No one would have been able to tell that he had been angry just moments ago.


“I’ve just heard about everything that happened today so I am specially called to apologize. It seems like my son was having a bit too much fun at his birthday party while playing games with his friends. In which, he unexpectedly went to your family’s birthday party to cause trouble and he decided to bring back your new adopted daughter to his birthday party. I think the little girl was scared and only agreed because my son was pressuring her. I’m truly sorry.”


Yin Hua was deliberately trying to mediate the situation. She had estimated that Xu Xinduo would be home soon. So she didn’t want the Mu family to make things difficult for Xu Xinduo. However, she didn’t expect that the Mu family had already fallen out.


Father Mu’s expression completely collapsed and then he said with a forced smile: “We didn’t mind it at all. It was great that Little Tong came to the birthday party. His presence brought light to our humble event.”


Mu Qingyi raised his eyebrows as he glared at his father. He sneered loudly at his father’s change in attitude, before turning around and going upstairs.


Mu Qingyao tried hard to listen to the conversation and only managed to hear a little bit.


Yin Hua continued: “Your family has such a kind heart to adopt such a poor little girl. She was very friendly and likeable. I don’t know if she has time, but I hope she can come to visit my house in the near future? Madam Mu is also invited to come as well, so we can have a pleasant chat together. “


Yin Hua was taking the initiative to extend an olive branch. She was willing to associate with Mother Mu which was definitely an excellent connection for their family.


Father Mu quickly agreed: “Yes, it would be my wife and my little girl’s honor.”


“Okay, it’s a deal. I’ll be waiting for them at the Tong villa this weekend and I will send a car over to pick them.”


“OK, thank you very much.”


After hanging up the phone, Father Mu’s expression became even more complicated.


Father Mu looked at Mother Mu, then Mu Qingyao and said, “Okay, stop crying. Tong Yan’s mother just explained that Tong Yan was just playing games and deliberately came to cause trouble. There was no other meaning behind it. But you should also be careful when you are in school, wear some lifts to increase height!”


Mu Qingyao quickly wiped her tears and nodded.

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