The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 109

Father Mu spoke again: “Make sure, you explain everything to Shen Zhuhang, don’t let him have any misunderstanding. Now, go to your room.”


Xu Xinduo closed the door to her room and leaned against the closed door. Her body slowly slid down the door, until she was sitting on the floor.


She looked very confident and at ease just moments ago, but now she was a sorry figure.


In fact, she was not used to wearing high heels, so she was completely exhausted just from wearing them.


She was already tired when she arrived home but the conflict downstairs made her even more exhausted.


She looked around her room. She was trembling as her eyes were unable to focus on anything. She was so confused. Was this really her home?


She had never felt true love from her father and mother. It was rare for her to get such love and even when she got it, it was stolen from Tong Yan when she was in his body. She was greedy and wanted to enjoy the feeling of being cared for by her parents.


She envied Tong Yan so much. Why was Tong Yan so lucky? Even if his parents’ relationship was rocky, they still treated him very well.


He was like a spoiled silly boy who was still allowed to be naive until now. Even if he did something wrong, no one would blame him or hold him accountable.


However, what about her…


She was abandoned as a child and only Grandma Xu treated her well.


Most of the people in the village bullied them and disliked them. She had no friends because of her character.


She lived alone and grew up alone.


She only had Grandma Xu and Tong Yan to fill her colourless life.


So she was filial to Grandma Xu.


She liked Tong Yan from the time when she was young because Tong Yan was kind to her.


There were too few people who treated her well…


Tong Yan was like the light in her life.


Now that she was finally at the side of her biological parents, she was still a little disappointed even though she was indifferent and open-minded.


She felt like it was extremely unbearable, but she couldn’t cry. She felt that it would get better after a while.


After a while… it will be fine.


Her legs became slightly numb after sitting quietly by the door for ten minutes. She moved slowly to the edge of the bed with very difficulty and then sat on the bed to support her body.


She looked down at her feet and felt better after moving her toes.


The mobile phone screen flashed, showing a prompt. She took a look at the mobile phone and found that it was the message from Tong Yan.


Tong Yan: [Picture]


Tong Yan: This year’s birthday gift was a private plane. I’ll take you out one day.


She looked at the screen of her mobile phone. Her fingertips were trembling slightly as she typed her reply: That’s great.


Tong Yan: Did you feed Coco a lot of things? She is laying still on her stomach. She has obviously overeaten. I don’t even know how many people have fed her today.


After she replied to the message, she put her mobile phone aside and laid down on the bed, facing the ceiling. She still had to pack her luggage.


Oh, I still have to remove my makeup.


When she was taking off her make-up, she felt a little discomfort on the soles of her feet, so she tried to move around her toes.


After cleaning up her face, she walked out of the bathroom and looked at all of the things in her room.


There were some books, but not many pieces of clothing. She didn’t bring anything with her when she moved in. When she first arrived, she bought quite a lot of sanitary napkins and painkillers. She had also used some of them.


She and Mu Qingyi had also bought a suitcase, so that if she had to move away one day, she might be able to use it.


She didn’t expect that day would come so soon.

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