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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 11

T/L: Fleeting Cloud E/D: Larkspur & Sasha

It was just that Grandma Xu was old and had suddenly fallen ill. Since they lived in a remote area, the ambulance took a long time to arrive. At that time, Xu Xinduo realized that she should move Grandma Xu to a good environment, at least closer to a hospital. 


After Grandma Xu was rescued, Xu Xinduo helped her choose a nursing home with good facilities and services so that when she was at school, there would be someone tending to her.  The plus side was, it was quite close to the hospital too which meant, if and when there was a need, help was at hand. 


When Grandma Xu came to the city, Xu Xinduo had no reason to stay in the village.


At this time, the Mu family had also discovered the secret. Her maternal grandmother had actually secretly changed the babies and she was the real blood of the Mu family.


Then the Mus came knocking and promised that they would treat Grandma Xu well. In a bid to show their goodwill, they even paid for Grandma Xu’s medical expenses. In the end, Xu Xinduo agreed to this arrangement and moved to the city.


This way, she could live close to Grandma Xu.


Tong Yan was still puzzled. “But why did you accept the identity of an adopted daughter?”


Xu Xinduo’s lips lifted into a sneer. “It’s just an identity. I don’t care. What’s more, I don’t want to change my name nor do I want to renew the so-called family ties with them. After all, there are no real feelings between us .”


One feels depressed when one cares about something. But Xu Xinduo didn’t care.

To her, this was just a place to live in. Nothing more.


On the weekend, Xu Xinduo went to make-up classes with Mu Qingyao. Although it was a make-up class, it might as well be said to be a separate villa.


The villa was located near their home, about a 10 minutes or so walk. Even so, the Mu family drove them there.


Mu Muqingyao and Mu Qianyi also had their own drivers which made it convenient for them to travel at any time. Xu Xinduo had just arrived and could only use the same driver as Mu Qingyao.


This villa looked no different from the other villas except that there was a sculpted plaque erected at the door with the name of the institution.


It seemed that someone had bought a villa to provide training courses, especially to the children of the nearby big families.


When she walked in, she found that there were many rooms inside. After entering, someone came to receive them and led them upstairs.


Xu Xinduo followed to the third floor and was taken to a room alone. Then a teacher came in, holding the test paper in his hand,  and asked her politely, “You are Xu Xinduo?”




“On the first day, the new students are required to take a test. This helps us to understand their foundation better. You stay here and finish the questions first. I have to go to class. I’ll collect your papers later. The time is about 90 minutes. Is that ok?”


Xu Xinduo took a brief look at the paper and nodded in agreement.


With that, the teacher smiled softly and walked out of the room.


The room was near the end of the corridor. The window was open and the wind was blowing outside. Just then, the breeze came in through the window and blew away the exam paper.


Xu Xinduo was fetching a pen from her bag. Before she could actually grab the pen, her body shook.


Tong Yan suddenly appeared in Xu Xinduo’s body and felt strange looking at the surrounding environment.


He looked down and found that a bag was placed on his lap. He seemed to be in the act of going through it. Looking around, only a small table was placed in front of him. There was nothing else.


What was Xu Xinduo doing before?


Why was he here?


Why wasn’t there anyone else in this room to give him a hint?


(T/N: The exam paper has blown so he doesn’t know what Xu Xinduo was doing.)

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