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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 110

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After Xu Xinduo had finished packing her things up into the suitcase, she sat down and took out a notebook to record the money that the Mu family had recently spent on her. After recording all the money, she thought that if possible, she would return it to them.


There was no need for any further involvement with them.


Just as she was thinking about leaving, someone knocked on the door suddenly.


She hesitated for a while, trying to pretend that she hadn’t heard. However, the person kept knocking on her door and then suddenly said, “Duoduo, it’s mother.”


Xu Xinduo hesitated for a while as she held the pen, but in the end she stood up and walked over to open the door.


Mother Mu came in holding a bowl of wonton and placed it on Xu Xinduo’s desk. When her eyes fell on the suitcase, her expression changed and she stopped moving.


Mother Mu said anxiously, “I made this myself. I didn’t know if you have had anything to eat tonight.”


Obviously, the one in front of her was her biological daughter, but this daughter was still too unfamiliar to her. Moreover, she had a guilty conscience and did not know how to face Xu Xinduo. So her voice had no confidence when she spoke.


Xu Xinduo replied: “I ate when I was at Tong Yan’s house.”


“Actually I came here to apologize to you.”


“It’s totally unnecessary. It was just a formality for you to take me back. You didn’t think that it was good for your children to live outside. We don’t have any mutual feelings at all. It must be really uncomfortable for you all to live with me. It’s the best choice for me to move out, leaving a family of four.”


Mother Mu shook her head vigorously. In her impatience, she directly took Xu Xinduo’s hand and explained everything very quickly: “No, I just… don’t know how to make it up to you. I really can’t sleep at night because I don’t know what to do. You are my biological daughter, how could I not want you?”


What Mother Mu said was not a lie, she was really uncomfortable. Xu Xinduo was very cold and indifferent so she didn’t know how to approach her and compensate her.


Coupled with her cowardly character, she didn’t dare to fight with Father Mu and things gradually became like this.


Seeing that things were getting worse and worse, and Xu Xinduo was about to leave the home, Mother Mu finally couldn’t sit still anymore.


Xu Xinduo didn’t want to argue anymore. She was a little tired of everything. She just pulled her hand back and continued to check whether there was anything she left behind.


Mother Mu could only continue to stand in the room and explain: “You don’t know anything. Your father and I aren’t on equal footing. I came from a humble background. My family just ran a wonton shop but your father insisted on marrying me. My family couldn’t support your father at all, which forced him to work desperately hard for all these years. I couldn’t even really help at all.”


Xu Xinduo did not answer, but continued to check her things.


Mother Mu came up behind her and continued: “In recent years, our family’s business has been getting worse and worse. Your father is under a lot of pressure, so he will become more irritable and easily loses his temper. He wants to maintain the Mu family’s family business and provide you all with a good life. Regarding your identity, we feel so helpless. The marriage contract with the Shen family must be maintained and the scandals of our family cannot be publicized…”


“I was transferred to the countryside. Is it a scandal?” Xu Xinduo stopped and asked.


“No, it was our bad management of people. We’re really sorry to have caused you so much harm.”


Xu Xinduo finally stopped, sat on the bed and took a breath without answering.

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