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The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 111

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Mother Mu continued: “Your father is also feeling very guilty after quarreling with you. He is smoking on the balcony in complete silence. He also really cares about his biological daughter. He cleaned up and prepared this room for you all by himself and also arranged the tutoring sessions for you. He is also planning to invite a piano teacher for you. Do you have anything else you want to learn? If the hobby classes in the school are not enough, we can get you a teacher for them.”


“No, it’s not necessary.”


Only god knew why Mother Mu suddenly knelt down in front of Xu Xinduo at that moment and said while crying: “Duoduo, please don’t go, okay? Don’t you want your mother to live? How will I be able to live the rest of my life? Ah? If my own daughter is not well taken care of, what face do I have to live on.”


Xu Xinduo quickly stood up. Although she said that she had no feelings for them, it was still inappropriate for her own biological parents to kneel in front of her.


She was irritated instantly.


What are you doing… If we can’t get along with each other, it’s better to live apart! What’s the point of keeping up like this?


Mother Mu continued: “Give me another chance, okay? Mom wants to make up with you. Can’t you do it? Please stay and don’t leave us. Where would you, a little girl, go? Your grandma’s health is not good, but do you still want to make her worry about you? If she knows that you are not doing well with your biological family, she will be sad too.”


This sentence seemed to hit the softest part of Xu Xinduo’s heart.


She really didn’t want Grandma Xu to worry.


When Grandma Xu was seriously ill, her dying wish was to have Xu Xinduo be taken care of.


In fact, she felt relieved when Xu Xinduo’s birth family took her away.


How can I live without her?


Let Tong Yan take care of me?


The moment that she needed to rely on Tong Yan, their relationship would no longer be equal. She would become a person who depended on Tong Yan.


She began to hate herself for being useless. Why was she only seventeen years old? Why did she have no savings in her hand? She didn’t even have the confidence to live alone.


Xu Xinduo really hesitated for a moment, but she still clenched her fist. She looked away from her kneeling mother and said in a low voice: “He was willing to marry you through all kinds of difficulties, which shows that he had courage. But now that the company is unstable, he wants to sell off one of his daughters to keep his business partnership. While he can’t even disclose his biological daughter’s identity. All of this shows his incompetence and cowardice. You were a college graduate, right? What kind of thoughts did he instill into you that you would be willing to degenerate yourself to such a degree and feel that his incompetence is your fault? “


“No, Duoduo, listen to me…”


“You are a failure. You have failed as a mother and a wife. You even fail to see through your own lies ! You’re still on your knees. Do you like to be in that position?”


Mother Mu knew that it was useless to do this, so she could only stand up. She then saw Xu Xinduo pointing at the door and saying, “Get out.”


“I’m sorry…”


“Get out, I don’t want to talk anymore. Get out now.”


Mother Mu walked out of the room in a dejected manner.


Xu Xinduo locked the door and then returned to her bed. She curled up in the quilt, trying to calm down.


She didn’t know  when she started crying.


Originally she did not want to cry. She thought she could hold on, but she still ended up crying.


Lamenting in her misfortune.


And in her anger.

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