The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 112

Edited By Adrian

Tong Yan was taking Coco out for a walk to help with his digestion. He didn’t know how many people had come to feed Coco secretly during the party. Coco looked like a very healthy dog seemed to be pregnant with puppies.


However, Coco was a male dog.


All of a sudden his body fell into a trance, and when he came back to his senses, he found himself lying on the bed in a room. He saw ‘his’ slender fingers when he raised his hand.


What’s going on? We got forced to swap bodies again.


When he sat up, he felt his vision blur. He subconsciously wiped his eyes with the back of his hand and felt wet.


He was stunned for a moment, suspecting that Xu Xinduo was secretly weeping tears before he came.


His feet felt a little uncomfortable when he got up. He couldn’t help but feel annoyed with himself when he recalled the high heels he had prepared for her.


He went to the mirror to see Xu Xinduo’s appearance. As expected, she was crying and her eyes were swollen.


Looking at the room again, it was empty. Many things had been packed. There were two suitcases on the ground. One was standing on its side while the other was still open. There was a lot of unorganized luggage stacked inside.


What happened?


Did Xu Xinduo have a quarrel with her family? Was she bullied? Is she going to leave this house?


When they were chatting half an hour ago, Xu Xinduo said nothing.


Only now that he was here, he got to know about all of this.


He thought about it carefully. It was most probably due to his sudden arrival to Mu Qingyi and Mu Qingyao’s birthday party, which made the Mu family unhappy and made things difficult for Xu Xinduo.


Xu Xinduo did not tell him.


Tong Yan got angry.


He was angry because the idiots of the Mu family actually bullied his ‘demoness’.


He was even more angry because Xu Xinduo didn’t tell him anything about being wronged but instead cried secretly. He didn’t even know how much she had been wronged.


To the point that she was moving out!


You shouldn’t have come to the Mu villa back then! 


He really didn’t understand what Xu Xinduo was thinking.


He took out Xu Xinduo’s mobile phone and looked through her WeChat contact list. A few people could come to help him move out.


Finally, he made a voice call to Wei Lan. After connecting, Wei Lan politely asked, “Ms. Duo, what’s the matter?”


“Can you come to my house now?”


“Huh?!” Wei Lan was taken aback and then said hesitantly, “Ms. Duo, this is a bit inappropriate. Let me tell you the truth. Don’t look at my unrestrained behaviour. I haven’t spent a night with a girl even once. We can at most kiss indirectly, nothing more… We are not grown up yet. This kind of thing is not suitable and… we can’t cheat on Brother Yan. Don’t you think?”


“I fell out with the Mu family so I want to move out now. If I tell Tong Yan, he will definitely cause some trouble so I can only ask you.”


“Because of Brother Yan’s birthday party?”


“I think so.”


“Okay, I see. I will contact the driver to pick you up at your house. You should pack your luggage first.




“Ms. Duo, please wait a minute. Can I call Su Wei to avoid suspicion?” After Wei Lan was sure that he wouldn’t get into a fight with Tong Yan, he didn’t want to do anything ambiguous which may cause misunderstanding. He knew how to take proper countermeasures.




Tong Yan hung up and picked up the remaining things in the room and confirmed that there was nothing else left to pack. Everything was stuffed into the suitcase and the zipper was forcibly closed. Everything was done.

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