The Legitimate Daughter Doesn’t Care! Chapter 113

Edited By Adrian

Tong Yan was about to walk out with Xu Xinduo suitcase. However, when he looked down, he realised that Xu Xinduo had not been wearing any underwear. She was probably getting ready to go to bed. So he turned back around, opened the suitcase and found a set of clothes to change into.


Boys like himself who knew how to fasten a bra without seeing the clip on the back were probably few and far between in this world.


Once he finished putting it on, he pushed her breasts together out of habit, then gave them a little jiggle.


In the past, when they traded bodies often he became accustomed to being in her body. Moreover, they were never truly together.


As a result, when he was touching her body, he was constantly reminded of Xu Xinduo. At that thought, he instantly withdrew his hands.


But soon after, unable to resist… He lowered his head to look…



After some time, Tong Yan raised his hands and rubbed his face. He patted himself twice before hastily putting on a sweater, tights and pair of jeans. This should be good enough.


Xu Xinduo’s body was very sensitive to the cold, thus it was necessary for him to dress warmly.


Dragging the suitcases out of the room, he looked down the stairs and carried one down at a time without delay.


After moving the two suitcases downstairs, he pushed the door open and walked out of Mu villa. At that moment, he saw Mu Qingyi squatting by the doorstep, with his arms on his knees, looking back at him.


As always, Mu Qingyi had a cold and indifferent expression on his face. He opened his mouth and asked, “Are you leaving today?”


“Yeah.” Tong Yan wanted to punch him. Maybe this kid was bullying Xu Xinduo too, but he was also afraid that Xu Xinduo would get mad at him if he tried to punch him.


Mu Qingyi stood up and walked over to Tong Yan and said, “I’ll see you off. It’s not safe to go alone.”


Mu Qingyi’s voice was very low, it was even slightly trembling. Who knows how much emotion was being suppressed in his voice.


Tong Yan did not have a favorable impression of Mu Qingyi at all, so he flatly refused: “No need, I called a friend over.”


“Is it Tong Yan?”


Tong Yan shook his head and denied,  “Wei Lan and Su Wei.”


Mu Qingyi uttered a soft “Hmm”, then asked, “Where do you plan to live?”


“It’s none of your business.”


Even in this situation, Mu Qingyi, who has always been full of himself, dared to ask, “Do you have enough money to spend?”


“I have enough.” Tong Yan had put aside a fraction of his pocket money for Xu Xinduo, which was enough for Xu Xinduo to live on. There was no need for her to stay and be bullied here.


“Don’t throw away the card that our parents gave you. When they give you money, just use it. You should be compensated for what they owe you. There is no need for decency at this point, so just keep it.”


Mu Qingyi’s words caused Tong Yan to glare at him. As Tong Yan frowned slightly, he wondered whether Mu Qingyi was actually a good guy or a bad one.


But soon he gave up on the thought, as he decided that no one from the Mu family were good people. How could Mu Qingyi be any better? Fortunately, Xu Xinduo didn’t live together with this family, thus she was spared and was not polluted by them.


After waiting for some time, Wei Lan and Su Wei came. They called Tong Yan, saying they couldn’t get in through the gates.


Mu Qingyi stood beside Tong Yan and called the society guard. Soon they were let in.


Mu Qingyi looked at Wei Lan and Su Wei, who had come to help Xu Xinduo with her luggage, and watched them leave. When Tong Yan got into the car, Mu Qingyi suddenly reached out and tugged the hem of Tong Yan’s sleeves. Tong Yan turned to look at Mu Qingyi. Looking into each other’s eyes, Mu Qingyi loosened his hand and let go.

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